Our counselors not only live with our campers but are also activity instructors. Here at Ton-A-Wandah, we offer a variety of classes from aquatics, outdoor adventure, to the fine arts. After hiring we select you to either lead or assist in two to three types of classes. This is an opportunity for our counselors to interact with a variety of campers from differing age groups.  The general day to day life follows that of a camper.  Here is a link to further details of the traditions and daily life of camp.

We believe that it is important to take time for oneself and rest to give ones best to their wok and to others. Here at TAW, our counselors have one period a day where they are off duty. Many of our counselors take this time to either relax, join a class, call home, or just enjoy the outdoors and spend the time outside playing.

Our counselors are assigned to an A, B, or C off schedules. Each week our counselors are given a night off and a day. A night off begins at 5:30 PM and are to report back in their cabins at 11:30 PM. A day off begins at 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM the same day.  Counselors are free to either stay on property and rest while not being on duty or to go out and explore the wonderful area of Western North Carolina. We are surrounded by many natural beauties such as Devil’s Court House overlook with many hikes, trails, and waterfalls. We are also fortunate to have a lovely downtown area full of restaurants and local stores to pick up anything one may need. Our camp is also an hour’s distance or less to towns such as Brevard, Asheville, and Greenville SC where there is always live music playing and great shopping. We encourage all our staff to get out and explore as much as possible!


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