BETH ATKINS -Area Head Staff/Mental Health Counselor

I'm Ms. Beth and I am from Jacksonville, North Carolina. This is my 29th year as an Elementary School Counselor and my ninth year working third session at TAW.  I love taking long walks around camp, reading, and embroidering.  I am looking forward to returning to TAW, it is certainly not just a place but a place in my heart.


SALLY BIRDSALL - Area Head Staff

Sally Birdsall here.  My daughter Bea and I live in Jackson, Mississippi during the school year and attend First Session at Camp Ton-A-Wandah.  Bea's a Navajo and I'm a proud Navamochee.  It's fitting that my nation color is green because I love spending time in the woods amongst the plants, flowers, and trees.  You can find me around camp pulling weeds, cutting down dead trees, and making our already-beautiful camp even more spectacular!  I'm also a member of the Head Staff so please find me if I can help you solve a problem or answer a question.  See you at First Session!



Hello Everybody!    My name is Kathryn Christian and I am from Chesapeake, Virginia!  When I am not teaching elementary and middle school, I can be found relaxing on the beach reading a mystery book.  The beach is my second favorite place; Camp TAW is my first favorite!  I can't wait to see everyone this year!


KRISTIN FINLEY - Area Head Staff

Hey all,
I'm  Kristin Finley from Tampa, Florida.  I have been coming to camp as head staff for many years, and love being a part of TAW.  I have taught sewing and cooking, have been photographer and love everything about being at Camp Tonawandah.  Last year I was at camp all three sessions with Kim and Ben's daughter Ellie and can't wait to come back for July session this year!


JANE CLARKE - Head Staff

I am Jane Clarke and will be returning to Camp as Head Staff again this summer. I am a lifelong lover of camp, and am excited to have a role at TAW again this year. During the year I have been teaching at a school that specializes in teaching students with dyslexia and other learning differences. I am excited for a change of pace and cooler weather!


APRIL LARUE - Head Staff

Hello ladies! I am April LaRue, mom to Hannah and Madeline.  This will be my 4th summer as Head Staff at TAW!  I live with my husband and daughters in Woodstock, GA, where I spend my non summer months teaching middle school life science.  I am excited to be back at TAW to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones.  See ya real soon!


JULIE JONES - Area Head Staff

Dr. Julie Jones is the Director for Teacher Education in Converse University’s School of Education and Graduate Studies. She is the author of The Playful Classroom (2020) and The Playful Life (2022, Oct), and she maintains an active research agenda with interests including instructional technology and pedagogy, always with a mix of creativity and play.

As a avid lover of Camp Ton-A-Wandah, Dr. Jones (Ms Julie to campers) has played many roles at camp. These have included camp photography, trips driver, and head staff for Hillside campers. She provides orientation training in playful experiences for camp staff, and can often be found on the bridge in the early morning hours reading or painting before the bugle goes off.


JESSICA LUCAS - Area Head Staff

Greetings from Charleston, SC! Jessica Lucas can't wait to trade the beach for the mountains this summer at Starter Camp! After spending many years as a camper and staff member at a neighboring camp, Jessica is thrilled to be able to share the wonder of Camp Ton-A-Wandah with her six-year-old daughter, Claire. She is looking forward to meeting new friends and having new adventures!



Sparker here!  Well-that's what most people call me.   

I got to attend Camp Ton-A-Wandah for several years as a young girl and am SUPER excited I get to be there with all of you living at camp during the 2nd session! 

Currently, I live in Land O Lakes, Florida with my amazing husband Scott, Shepherd girl Midnight and 3 cats:  Scrappy, Justin and Jose.  My most favorite role is "Mom" but since all my girls are adulting really well now, that time is spent mostly on mother-daughter coffee dates and dog visits with my grandbaby golden retriever by the name of Rebel. 

Been a Florida girl all my life so I love all things in the sun.  Beach, running, swimming and reading on the back porch-you name it!  After decades of Corporate work, I retired back in November 2020 to use my Master in Ministry to focus on serving others.  Today, this looks like serving as an Associate Pastor at my church and building a Mental Health Coaching practice.  All of that is a really fancy way of saying how much I love to witness people tell and live their authentic life story!

I am really looking forward to taking the journey with everyone as we together make it a great session!  Blessings


KELLY SIZEMORE - Area Head Staff

Hello, ladies! I'm Kelly Sizemore and I am from Apex (outside of Raleigh), NC. I am an HR Manager for an engineering company. My husband and I have an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter, Blair, who will be at second session with me. In my free time, I work out at Burn Boot Camp. A few years ago, I participated in the Special Olympics Plane Pull where 5 of us from Burn pulled a regional jet across the tarmac. We didn't win, but it was fun! I LOVE country music! I'll be an Area Head Staff member at second session and can't wait to meet you!


SARAH THORTON - Area Head Staff

Hello friends! My name is Sarah Thornton. I am from Charleston, South Carolina where I live with my husband, 3 children, and dog. I am a lawyer but cannot wait to get back to my roots by working at starter camp!  While did not have the pleasure of attending Ton-A-Wandah, I attended and worked at another summer camp during my youth for a number of years. I love walking, reading, and the Dave Matthews Band. I cannot wait to share the Ton-A-Wandah experience with my daughter in August!



Hi there!  My name is Cameron Vivanco and I am originally from Durham, NC.  I now live in South America, in the country or Ecuador to be exact.  My husband, Roberto, and I have three children and we serve a non-profit here in Quito, Ecuador called Education=Hope.  E=H provides micro-scholarships for students in desperate and difficult situations. I am a second generation Ton-a-wandah girl and am so thankful to get to be back at TAW this summer! My favorite things are the ropes course and Evening Programs. I am part of Head Staff for Starter Camp and can't wait to meet you!



Hello! I am so excited to be able to share a special experience with you at Camp Ton-A -Wandah. My summer camping days were very important to me - I loved being outside, making new friends, trying new activities, and participating in traditions. I still sing lots of the silly songs that I learned so many years ago! My 4 youngest daughters have been members of the TAW sisterhood (as campers and as a counselor) and encouraged me to bring my years of experience as a mother to 11 (ages 11-31) and long-term volunteer (at church, in scouts, in our home school community) to this compassionate community where character is developed and curiosity and creativity flourish. The opportunity to make more happy memories is something I am really looking forward to. Some of my favorite activities include talking about books, playing board and card games, cooking, walking in the woods, canoeing, watching insects and animals, sleeping outside, and getting to know people -so, as you can see, camp is a great place for me to be!


CANDY WAUGH - Area Head Staff

Hi! My name is Candy Waugh and I'm from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I'm a retired school teacher and former business owner. After teaching high school for over 30 years, I retired and moved to the Florida Keys. There I started selling souvenirs at the world-famous Robbie's Marina in Islamorada, FL. Now, I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL close to my children and 5 amazing grandchildren! As a young girl, I attended Camp Ton-A-Wandah. Now I am thrilled that I get to share the Ton-A-Wandah legacy with my granddaughter, Ruby. 

I look forward to meeting a new group of wonderful campers this summer! Can’t wait to enjoy cooking fun treats with everyone!