General Health Information

TAW hopes that your camper will never need to experience our Infirmary, but if she needs us, we are here to help her get back on her feet! 
Camp Ton-A-Wandah employs at least two resident Registered Nurses each session and has a dedicated Medical Director which allows TAW to have 24/7 on call physician support.  TAW will also have a dedicated physician ran clinic two times a week for sick visits and follow up care and a telehealth machine.  Our primary goal is to make professional medical care available around the clock for our camp community. Camp medical staff is available on opening and closing days and by phone to discuss any medical concerns.  Should an accident or illness be untreatable at our camp, we have arrangements for professional services (pediatric clinics, dentist, hospitals and specialty offices) in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Every effort will be made to contact parents before treatment is administered.
 TAW is committed to calling our families if there is ever an issue that affects a camper’s camp experience. This would include the following circumstances:


      • If a camper needs to spend more than one night at the Infirmary.
      • If a camper needs prescription medication.
      • If a camper needs to visit a doctor in town, get x-rays, or lab work.
      • If a camper has encountered an injury or illness that impacts her situation at camp.


Please note, the camp lead nurse and/or the medical director will be responsible for calling parents regarding a health issue.  After the initial phone call, if further information is required or additional input is needed, please call our Camp Director to discuss.  

Health Forms

Campers must update health information yearly. This time frame is a Camp Ton-A-Wandah and North Carolina state requirement. We must have current health historyon file, a physical form that has been signed by a physician within a year of arriving to camp, most updated immunization records, a parent authorization form that is signed by a legal guardian, and a copy of the camper's insurance card.  OUR CAMP PHYSICIANS WILL NOT SEE CAMPERS UNLESS A CURRENT HEALTH FORM IS ON FILE AND SIGNED BY A PARENT AND PHYSICIAN.
Parents are responsible for medical expenses incurred during camp.
Please follow the steps listed below to complete the online health history and medical forms:
Log In - Go to the following website Camp-In-Touch and log in using your e-mail address and password. If password has been forgotten, choose the option to re-set it. This email may go to a spam box, so please check this box as well.  Scroll down to Forms Dashboards and click on “Forms & Documents”.  There are 4 components to ensure all your health information is complete.
Health History - When clicking to complete this form, returning campers should see that the fields are populated with the information submitted in prior years.  Please review this information and make any necessary changes. New campers will need to input all their information.  Make sure to carefully read the instructions; guidance is provided through each step.  If health history cannot be completed in one sitting, click “save for later” before exiting the form so that information is not lost.  After all of the sections in the online health history form have been completed, please click “submit.”  This is the most important part, as it will not come to TAW as complete until submit has been hit. 
Immunization - There are three options for immunizations.  These include entering immunization dates on the health history; print a PDF form to fill in and mail back to camp or upload to the immunization file; or upload or mail a copy of an immunization card or medical record.  Please note that TAW does not have easy access to immunization records from prior years, so a new immunization record is required every year for ALL campers (returning and new).  If a camper is exempt from immunizations, please contact TAW and an exemption will be emailed/mailed to complete.
 Immunization Form
Parent Authorization – Please print this form and sign it.  A copy of the camper's insurance card (front and back) must be attached. If there is a separate prescription card, a copy of this must be included as well. This form can either be mailed to camp or uploaded into the Parent Authorization file.
Parent Authorization
Physician’s Examination - Each camper must have a physical within 12 months of her attendance at camp.  If she has had one within this time period, you do not need to schedule an additional appointment, but her doctor still needs to sign-off that she has had an exam within the last 12 months and that she is able to attend camp. The Physician’s Form is a PDF that can be printed; please have your child’s doctor complete this form.  If your school has a physical form for attendance or sports participation, a copy of this may be submitted instead.  If a physical form that was not created by TAW is used, it may still be uploaded it into the appropriate file.  A copy of this form can be mailed (either our camp form or any other form of physical) to camp instead of uploading it.
Physicians Examination
COVID19 Vaccination Card - COVID vaccinations are recommended for Summer 2022 but not required.  If your camper has received their vaccination, please upload a copy of their vaccination card under COVID19 Vaccination Card.  A copy of this card may also be mailed to camp.


Uploading Documents - In order to upload a file, simply print the document; complete it; scan the form and save it to your computer.  Then, upload the file directly into CampInTouch under the appropriate form  (an upload icon will be shown next to all documents for which this is possible).  Once a form has been uploaded, a print icon will appear.  However, do not do anything further.  TAW will print the completed document at camp and mark the camper's file as complete.
NEW this year - you may also upload documentation using your phone and the Campanion App.  In the top left hand corner is a menu drop down.  Please click on this and choose Forms.  Click on your camper name.  You will see list of forms to be submitted to camp.  It's important to note that some forms need to be printed and completed prior to being able to upload with the Campanion App (Physical, Parent Authorization, Immunizations).  Once completed, you may upload by taking a picture of the form or by scanning via phone.  The Campanion App will walk you through this.




All camper medications, prescription, supplements and/or over-the counter, must be deposited with our Infirmary Team on opening day.  Campers are not allowed to keep any medications in their cabins.
Rx Medications - All medication brought to camp must be in original bottles with a legible prescription, dosage instructions and the name of the prescribing physician.  Medication must be dispensed based on prescribing physician’s instructions.  IMPORTANT:  Any medications brought to camp must be written in the Health History in order for camp medical personnel to dispense.  Please talk with our Administrative Team before altering regular medications, such as ADHD medication or other scheduled prescription medications prior to camp. It is usually best not to make changes prior to camp.
Over the Counter - Over-the-counter medications are available in the infirmary and are not needed to be brought to camp.  Standing orders are provided by our Medical Director.  The medications that we have on hand for campers and/or staff may be found on the health history that you complete for your camper.   If you prefer an over-the counter medication not specifically identified on the health history, you may include your preferred over-the counter medication on your health history and leave with the infirmary staff on opening day.  Epinepherine (used for anaphylaxis) is available for emergency first-aid treatment.  Camp Ton-A-Wandah will administer to your camper as needed.


Supplements - Supplements are not available in the infirmary and need to be brought to camp if a camper requires these.  Please include all supplements on your camper's health history.  Camp cannot dispense supplements to campers unless these supplements are included in the camper health history.
Emergency Medications - If your camper needs to keep a medication with her such as a rescue inhaler for Asthma or an Epi-pen for severe allergic reactions, please check in with a nurse on Opening Day. Please check the expiration dates on these before bringing to camp.



All campers will have their heads checked for lice by a professional service on Opening Day. Any cases found will be treated that day. Parents will be notified regarding the treatment and will be responsible for the cost. Please have your daughter checked (by someone who knows what they are looking for) BEFORE she comes to camp, and let us know if she or anyone in the family has been treated for lice in the 6 months prior to camp. This will help avoid a false diagnosis when she arrives.


Emotional Health

Often months pass between the application process and the opening of camp. If a recent event may affect your child’s experience at camp, it is important to make the camp directors aware of it. Please know that all information is handled in confidence and in the best interest of your child. Be sure to inform us of emotional issues, a learning difficulty, executive functioning disorder, ADHD, a bed-wetting problem, or a loss or major change in the family so that we can be more prepared to meet your daughter’s needs. Information can be provided on the online camper information form or via telephone or email the Camp This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Your campers’ emotional and mental health is just as important to us as her physical health. We want every camper to be supported and successful while they are here. Please let us know of any concerns or issues that you have been dealing with at home.
If, during the course of your camper stay, there are some situations that we are not qualified to handle, we will call you for permission to take your camper to a professional counselor.

Special Dietary Needs

We understand that many of our campers have special dietary needs as a part of their daily routine.  It is very important that you share any allergies or medical conditions with us so that we can help create a plan while your camper is at camp prior to your camper arriving at camp.  We do provide both vegetarian and gluten free options at every meal.