Here at Ton-A-Wandah we encourage any camper interested in expressing themselves to take as many different arts classes as they can. The magic of creating something unique can be a refreshing change of pace from the array of physical activities. The Arts & Crafts department is staffed by accomplished professionals who can inspire even the youngest budding artist to create a thing of beauty.

Arts & Crasfts

There is an art class for any skill level. We have general Arts & Crafts that can be enjoyable for any skill level. They work on a variety of projects from fairy houses to creating shrinky dinks. One of our most popular classes is our traditional bead weaving class. These ladies learn the art of working with a loom and beads to create amazing patterns.
We also offer hand building with clay for any age. The ladies work on how to form amazing creations from the clay. As a camper ages she can then graduate to taking Wheel Pottery. The campers learn to work with the wheel and how to glaze their projects.
We offer specialized activities such as Copper, Glass, and Photography. The Copper class meets everyday as they learn how to create many forms of jewelry and how to create different textures in their work. Photography has three classes the ladies can choose from. Beginning photography, Newsletter where they learn the basics of writing articles, and Advance Photo where the campers learn how to properly use the settings of a camera.


Music is firmly based in the tradition of Camp Ton-A-Wandah. We offer many choral based classes. The ladies perform not only in Chapel service on Sunday and our Dance and Drama Review. There is a Hillside/Lakeside choral class and a Hilltop specific class. We also offer Rock Band which is a class that encourages the girls to try their hand at writing songs and performing them as a group.


Dancers of all abilities are welcomed to take our dance classes! We offer multiple classes of Hip-Hop and Jazz dance. Our counselors have years of experience and bring an enthusiasm to every class. If your camper is looking for a class a little out of the box, the TAW’s inspired Interpretative Dance class is the one for her. This class is designed for campers to come and collaborate with each other to create their own dance.


Our campers can get in touch with their dramatic side by taking our Drama classes with staff who have a passion for theater. In these classes they get to test and expand their skills through improvisation and performing scenes.
The Play occurs every session and all are welcome to perform. The past couple of years, the campers have been able to perform Ton-A-Wandah scripts written by our talented counselors. There is a place for every young theater from being the star of the show to backstage support. All of camp looks forward to seeing the show in our final week of the session at our big Dance and Drama Review.