Ton-A-Wandah was founded upon the idea of Women Inspiring and Encouraging other Women 


"Our mission is to create a community that encourages

friendship and sisterhood that fosters our campers to

become women of substance."







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Our vision is to create an environment of opportunity for

young women to come and grow in their community,

creativity, and curiosity. We surround our campers with

role models of diverse backgrounds who demonstrate

 strong character, compassion, and leadership. 









Camp Ton-A-Wandah has a longstanding mission as a camp exclusively for girls and young women. For nearly a century, we have remained committed to this focus, recognizing historical and current inequities in outdoor recreation and education opportunities for girls and young women. Even in the 21st century, girls and young women still face entrenched societal pressures that can affect their ability to thrive into their full selves.
Yet we’ve spent close to 100 summers empowering girls and young women to do just that! And we want to continue to do what we know best, and do best!


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While we are happy to accommodate those who are assigned female at birth (AFAB) AND go by she/her or they/them pronouns, we are unable to accommodate campers and/or staff who are assigned male at birth or identify as he/him. If your child is exploring gender identities or identifies as other than a girl or young woman, we ask that you consider your comfort with aspects of our camp culture: 
  • Our camp community consistently uses she/her pronouns as the default in day-to-day communication. 
  • Our camp promotes and celebrates women and women’s history. Our camp culture reflects our women-empowering mission. 
  • As a group, we use feminine referential nouns. Our campers are referred to as “TAW Girls.” Our camp songs use she/her pronouns and use of other feminine terms. Any discomfort in being referred to as a “girl” should be considered. 
  • We celebrate women’s culture, fostering ties between girls and young women, and addressing the unique needs of young women and girls. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our gender policy, we ask that you please reach out to one of our directors. Camp Ton-A-Wandah remains dedicated to providing a warm and respectful environment that fosters the growth and development of all our campers within the framework of our mission and values.


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