Preparing for your time at camp is so much fun!

We want you and your camper to feel fully ready for camp this summer. Explore our Parents section to find answers to any of your questions, and if you cannot find an answer, please just give us a call. We know you have high expectations for your summer at Ton-A-Wandah, and we hope to meet every one of them before you even arrive. Please let us know what you need. 
Below is a brief version of what steps you need to take next to prepare for camp.  Please review these steps and then click on the links to provide you more information under the Parent section of our website.



This is the ultimate first step to head you in the right direction. Your login is your email and your password is what you used to set up your camper account. Please click here to test your login information:  Camp In Touch.  If you have forgotten your password, you may click on retrieve/reset password or email kimThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view send you a link.



Please make sure your email is set to receive emails from Camp Ton-A-Wandah (especially This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Most of our preparations are now done through email.  Beginning towards the end of March, you will receive weekly emails from us with different steps to prepare you for your camp journey.



Once you log into your account, there are several sections to review.  The first is the Forms and Documents section.  This is the most important section as it will have everything you will need to complete prior to coming to camp.  Not all these forms will be up every time you login.  So visit regularly and you will get emails as your forms and document section is updated!
  • Bunk Requests:  If your camper has a special bunkmate she would like to bunk with, this is where you would let us know.  Please remember that we try our best to accommodate all bunk requests, but there are times when we cannot fulfill your request.  Bunks are set up by rising grade.  If your camper requests a bunkmate that is younger than they are, they will be moved to the cabin with the younger grade.
  • Camper Photo:  Photos are not required, but we do like to have a picture on file for us to see prior to your camper arrival and to look at throughout the year!
  • Health History:  A health history must be completed on every camper prior to their arrival to camp.  The health history provides us with the most pertinent information on your camper.  It must be updated every year.  DO NOT FORGET TO HIT SUBMIT!  (HEALTH INFORMATION
  • Immunizations:  Immunizations are required on every camper.  You may complete this information in the health history (which will mark this section completed once you submit the health history), you may complete the form that we provide, or you may send us a copy from your doctors office.  For returning campers, please submit an updated immunization record even if there have been no changes.  We do not carry forward immunization records from the previous summer.  (HEALTH INFORMATION)
  • Out of Camp Trips:  Out of camps are optional.  Once you register for a trip, a charge will be added to your account.  Please keep in mind that your camper is not completely enrolled until payment for that trip is received.  We will NOT automatically charge your credit card on file.  You may call or email the office to use your credit card on file or to give us a different credit card.  You may also mail a check.  Once a trip is selected, a waiver for that trip will be generated (except for the Biltmore House).  This waiver must be completed prior to your camper's arrival to camp.  She will not be able to attend the trip if a waiver is not completed.  (OUT OF CAMP TRIPS
  • Parent Authorization:  A parent authorization is required as a consent for treatment.  It also provides us with your insurance.  (HEALTH INFORMATION)
  • Physician's Examination:  A physical exam must be completed within one year of the camper's arrival to camp.  You may complete the physical exam provided or you may send us a copy of a school physical.  (HEALTH INFORMATION)
  • Shipping:  A shipping form only  needs to be completed if you are planning on shipping your trunk to camp or if you would like us to ship your trunk back after camp.  (HOW TO GET FROM HERE TO THERE)



As sure as the sun rises and sets over the mountains that encircle Camp Ton-A-Wandah, homesickness and camp go hand in hand.  Please review our helpful hints on how to prepare for camp and homesickness.  (HOMESICKNESS)


Preparing for Camp



A day at camp is filled with endless possibilities: swimming, hiking, playing sports, riding a horse - the list goes on and on. With all these different activities in mind (not to mention change in weather), making sure you pack the right thing for your child's every day camp experience can be a challenge. Luckily, there are some tried and true items that you can send with your camper to ensure they are prepared for almost anything!  (WHAT TO PACK FOR CAMP)


Let's get your camper to camp!  Wondering how your trip is going to unfold?  Start Here:  (GETTING FROM HERE TO THERE)



It's a parade of hugs, smiles and cheers as you pull into the gates of Camp Ton-A-Wandah. There's nothing like the excitement of opening day!  Closing day is a mix of tears and hugs as your camper departs her beloved second home.  (WHAT TO EXPECT ON OPENING/CLOSING DAY



It's time to leave your camper at camp.  We know you will miss her while she is away.  But here are some tried and true tips to help you and your camper survive your time apart.  (COMMUNICATION)