We have traditional wooden cabins here at Camp Ton-A-Wandah that are fully screened in. Living along the lake provides a nice cool that flows through camp and the cabins. Each house around seven sets of bunk beds with two to three singular beds for the counselors. There are two toilets and sinks in each cabin. There are two shower houses for our campers with a separate shower house for our counselors. In each are we have personal cabins for our Head Staff who oversees a specific age group.


Dining Hall

The dining hall has the unique feature of sitting at eye level with the lake. The lake flows under the dining hall creating a pleasant cooling breeze and the continuous sound of the waterfall below. Along the bridge leading up to the Dining Hall we have our Mail Room and Canteen. The Canteen is open during the morning and afternoon activities where each camper can grab a snack before heading off to the next activity.



Our Gymnasium is the central spot for many our activities and programs. The Gym has a full basketball court to play on and is also the spot for our Volleyball class. In the front of the Gym is where we have our large stage. This is the location where the Play rehearses and where many of our Evening Programs are held.



Many of our Activities we offer are along the waterfront. We have a swimming dock where swim classes are held and where our Laurel Lifeguarding course is held. On this deck we have a water slide, the blob, and the trampoline out on the water. On the other side of the lake we have our Canoe Dock. This is where we have our canoes docked and where they go off out on the water.
Additional facilities include a large dining hall on the waterfront, indoor gym with stage, arts and crafts building, a horse barn with three riding rings, high and low ropes courses, 40-foot rock climbing wall, professional all-weather tennis courts, indoor riflery range, playing fields, little recreation hall, infirmary and lodge.