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First and foremost, we need your help to spread the word about all that Ton-A-Wandah has to offer. For young women, our Camp can often be a life-changing experience. Campers have opportunities to learn new skills that build character and confidence, increase self-esteem and aid in understanding and tolerance of others. By sharing your positive Camp TAW experiences with your family and friends, neighbors, classmates and faith communities, you will help us to continue our mission of growing "Women of Substance".


As a group, we have the power to collect funds that could be used to target areas in OUR Camp that need outside support to help maintain or upgrade facilities or equipment. With your financial support this year (and every year), we could make an impact in helping keep Camp Ton-A-Wandah current and competitive with the expectations of the times.
Many Alumnae have asked how they can help.  Below is a list of ways that your contribution would be amazing and useful!



I’m asking my fellow Camp Ton-A-Wandah alumnae, parents of current campers, Grown Up Girls Getaway (GUGG) Ladies and all of those who believe in camps for childhood development, to consider giving back to Camp TAW. Just click on the donation button below and watch your dollars help TAW grow and thrive!




 Thank you SO very much, we appreciate ALL of your support!!


Catherine Martin Schiller, Alumnae Relations

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