Staff and camper chatting on the grassAdherence to Camp Ton-A-Wandah’s Drug and Alcohol Policy


We expect all staff to refrain from consuming alcohol or using tobacco, e-cigarette products, or vaping while on TAW property during their term of employment. In addition, employees are prohibited from returning to TAW while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. Adherence to this policy maintains the highest standard of safety, health, and well-being of our campers and fellow staff members.


Adherence to Camp Ton-A-Wandah Fully Present Policy


This policy promotes the idea that our staff will be ‘live in the present’ at camp and encourage positive and engaged interactions with all members of camp.Our Fully present policy regulates the use of smart phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, and other personal electronic devices during their time at camp. All residential staffs’ personal electronic devices (including laptops and tablets) are checked into the camp office at the start of employment. Staff members are permitted to check out devices during designated off times and out of site of the campers. Only by disconnecting from technology, even for a temporary period of time, only then can wereflect, discover what matters to us, and grow personally and professionaly. 


Staff posing with camperUpholding Commitment, Punctuality, & Professionalism


Building Women of Substance requires staff members to work hard, but play harder! By practicing punctuality, creating a brave space by being mindful of our actions and words, and respecting commitment and follow through, our team can grown and leave each season with a toolkit of professional skills necessary for any profession.


Engaging with the Campers to make this the BEST SUMMER EVER!

Through close interaction and experiential learning, we hope our team will help strengthen our girls through authentic learning experiences to enhance their resilience, flourish their creativity, and highlight their importance within their own community. This recipe will help develop Women of Substance who become leaders in their community.