Our community is different. It’s one of the reasons we love it so much! Attached are some of the “ins and outs” of our community culture so you and your child are well prepared. 


In a Nutshell

Camp Ton-A-Wandah has flourished as an outdoor education institution for a century, witnessing and embracing change throughout its journey. We recognize the importance of growth and adaptation while remaining true to our core values. Our dedication to fostering an open-minded, loving, and compassionate environment for all girls and their families is unwavering. We are committed to evolving in line with societal shifts while staying true to our mission of supporting single-sex outdoor education and recreation for girls and young women. 
Despite the progress of the 21st century, girls and young women still encounter societal pressures that can hinder their development. However, for nearly 100 summers, Camp Ton-A-Wandah has empowered girls and young women to flourish into their full selves. We are determined to continue our legacy of excellence.
Since Ton-A-Wandah’s founding, our core mission has remained unchanged: to provide a special and sacred space for girls and young women to thrive. Joining Camp Ton-A-Wandah means embracing our century-old traditions, natural environment, and camp culture. Each summer, new campers from diverse backgrounds enrich our community, and we delight in welcoming and integrating them into our camp world.


We are a Little Bit Rustic!DSC 1930

Being unplugged and spending the majority of our time outside, is one of the highlights of Camp Ton-A-Wandah. Every day is spent primarily in the beautiful outdoors in a vibrant relationship with Mother Nature. We swim in the lake, have most of our activities, Evening Activities, nighttime campfires, Free Time and more, all outside. When we walk between events or activities, it’s outdoors.
Rain or shine, hot or chilly, we make it to meals, to the bathrooms, and to activities, by moving through the glorious outdoors.
Campers don’t have cell phones, Internet-connected devices, or access to the Internet or phone (except in a TRUE emergency).
For TAW Girls, this is paradise, building grit, resilience, and a meaningful appreciation of our natural world.
But it’s not for everyone. It’s so important that you ask yourself whether one- to two- to three weeks outdoors and unplugged is right for you.


We are a Little Bit Loud!

At Camp Ton-A-Wandah, the spirit of TAW Girls radiates with unbridled joy, evident in their constant singing, laughter, and exuberance throughout the day. Our camp is alive with activity, resonating with the sounds of chirping crickets, cooing birds, hooting owls, and the occasional gust of wind.20230617 201017
From the lively and animated meals in our Dining Hall where spontaneous sing-alongs occur, from the spirited Team competitions to our countless quirky traditions, living alongside 200 others in our communal camp setting is anything but quiet. In fact, it's a far cry from the tranquility of a library.
The pace at camp is equally dynamic, with moments of energetic excitement interspersed with opportunities to unwind during Rest Hour, Taps, and other downtime activities. Whether it's Mountain Beach Party Day or a wild performance, the energy levels can soar.
However, this vibrant atmosphere may not suit everyone. It's crucial to reflect on whether spending one to three weeks in a culture that embraces noise and high energy aligns with your preferences and comfort level.


We are a Little Bit Soulful!

The location of Camp Ton-A-Wandah provides a deeply spiritual connection. 
While we are not affiliated with any particular denomination our foundation is rooted in enduring Christian principles such as humility, forgiveness, gratitude, respect, and love.  These spiritual aspects are evident in our reflective and introspective Vespers gatherings, our Sunday outdoor chapel service, and in the core values of Camp Ton-A-Wandah, which emphasize recognizing the inherent humanity within each individual.
More explicitly, we commence each meal with a blessing, and references to God are present in some of our cherished Campfire and Vespers songs.
We warmly welcome campers of all religious backgrounds, including those with no religious affiliation, and we neither discriminate against nor impose any theological or doctrinal beliefs on anyone.
It is important to acknowledge that this cultural aspect, which includes spiritual acknowledgments and mild Christian elements, is a part of the Camp Ton-A-Wandah experience.
We recognize that this may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to reflect on whether spending one to three weeks in an environment that includes occasional spiritual acknowledgments, non-denominational religious practices, or references to God aligns with their personal beliefs and preferences.DSC 2127




We are all about Friendships! But That’s All.

Camp Ton-A-Wandah is for platonic relationships. We value friendships, deep friendships. In fact, one enduring element over our nearly 100 years is how much campers say they made lifelong friends that began at camp.
We encourage deep, close bonding. But if it’s anything more than platonic, save that for when you get home. We do not condone, allow, or encourage ANY sort of romantic relationships at camp between campers.



These aspects of our camp culture are fundamental to what makes Camp Ton-A-Wandah. We set out to be a nurturing environment for girls and young women and our culture reflects that celebration of  these individuals. We sincerely hope that all prospective campers and staff consider these factors when applying. Camp Ton-A-Wandah is happy to provide references to other co-ed and gender-inclusive camps if Ton-A-Wandah is not the perfect place for your camper!