A day at camp is filled with endless possibilities:  swimming, hiking, playing sports, dancing - the list goes on and on.  With all these different activities in mind (not to mention a change in weather), making sure you pack the right thing for your child's every day camp experience can be a challenge.  Luckily, there are some tried and true items that you can send with your camper to ensure they are prepared for almost anything!
"Getting there is half the fun!"  This old adage rings especially true when it comes to preparing for camp.  Planning and packing camp gear can be an enjoyable and creative activity for you and your camper.  The following information details exactly what she'll need to make the most of her time at Ton-A-Wandah.  Our recommendations are based on years of experience and are an accurate gauge of both need and comfort, "gottas" and "wannas".  So dig out that trunk and get going!



We want your camper to feel comfortable and free to enjoy each day's activities.  The "Saturday" clothes she wears at home make for the perfect camp wardrobe.  Please know that camp clothes tend to come home "well-loved", so pack accordingly.
We do ask that campers wear our camp colors, green and white, on Sundays as a sign of unity.  This combination will also be worn at the Honor Assembly, Candlelight Service and for cabin videos/portraits.  Wearing our camp colors adds to the fellowship we feel on those special occasions.  Our camp colors may be purchased through Camper Cargo (or buy your own wherever!).


Choose below which packing list best fits your camper session! 


The items below are optional and based on whether your camper will be participating in these activities. Typically we have many of these items on hand in case they are needed.
      • Sleeping bag (for overnight camp-outs) 
      • Tote bag or daypack for out of camp/overnight trips
      • Tennis Racquet (not required)
      • Riding Helmet (not required)
      • Riding Boots (or any type of boot) with one-inch heel (for campers who will be riding)
      • Lifejacket
      • One of your favorite, age appropriate books to be donated to the TAW library: used or new, paperback or hardback, classic or current bestseller, the choice is yours!
      • If a camper chooses to bring their own personal sports equipment, for example archery equipment and bats (does not include tennis racquets and horseback riding gear) these will be gathered, inspected and stored in the Program Office for the protection of the program participant.


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A few extras to make your bunk your own:

The items below are optional and only add to making your bunk your own!

      • Stationary, stamps, address book and pens
      • Camera with film or single-use camera
      • Journal
      • Sketchbook and pencils
      • Personal clip-on fan (battery powered)
      • Lap desk
      • Crazy Creek/Stadium Seat
      • Playing cards, travel size games
      • Pictures from home
      • Your favorite "loveables"


Happy Excited Camper Bunk  Bunk Photo


What NOT to pack:

Money - Campers do not need additional money with them at camp. However, if campers do bring moeny with them, all personal money should be placed in the office safe. CAMPERS SHOULD HAVE NO CASH IN THEIR POSSESSION. The camp assumes no responsibility for money not deposited in the camp office.
Food/Candy - Trips to our canteen are a daily highlight.  This popular destination is open daily/six days a week and offers campers a wide selection of snacks.  Purchases from the canteen are included in the camp fee.  Therefore, additional money is not needed.  Any food brought to camp and found in a camper's possession will be thrown in the trash immediately. Camp does not want critters joining our campers in their cabin!
Electronics - Campers may not bring any form of electronics to camp. These items include, but are not limited to, electronic games, kindles, televisions, cellular phones, IPOD's, video players, IPads, tablets or similar electronic devices. If these items are brought to camp, they will be collected and held in the camp office until closing day.
If you have any concerns about an item, please contact our camp office and we can make a decision together!
Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco or Nicotine Products (including e-cigarettes, vaping products, JUULs, smoking or vaping paraphenalia and devices:  The possession, use, distribution, or sale of any of these products on camp grounds by any camper, counselor or staff member will not be tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal with no reduction in fees.
Weapons:  Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on camp property at all times.


Dress Code 

Camp Ton-A-Wandah has adapted a standard of dress for all campers, including our staff and leaders. With all of us working together to uphold this standard, we hope to maintain a focus on what truly matters.  While our staff works hard to enforce our standard of dress, we try not to make it our only focus - having fun at camp is too important!   So we apologize in advance if there are any inconsistencies in addressing the standard of dress for one camper verses another.  Although it is an all-girls camp and it shouldn't matter how we appear to each other - we do like to take pictures at camp and don't always want to monitor what pictures we can share with our parents and which ones we have to keep to ourselves!  Below is a list of clothing items you may want to consider leaving at home:
  • No revealing or excessively tight clothing 
  • No offensive slogans, profanity, or political commentary on clothing or hats 
  • Shorts should be an appropriate length (no booty cheeks showing!)
  • No crop tops that expose more than an inch of belly or tank tops with XL armhole cutouts
  • Skirts/Dresses must be an appropriate length (no booty cheeks showing!)
  • Prefer a one piece bathing suit, but a modest two piece is acceptable
Please help us in our effort to make camp comfortable for all campers and ensure we can share our most memorable moments with you!  If you have any concerns about an item, please contact our camp office and we can make a decision on whether it is appropriate together!


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And what can you pack it all in?

Determining what to pack your camper's items in is tough.  You can always pack a suitcase or several bags and send them on their way, but what purpose does your packing item serve once it reaches camp?  What you pack your camper's items in is utilized at camp as their dresser while they are at camp.  It will be set at the end of their bed or the side of their bed.  Sometimes it can slide underneath their bed.  They will get into their trunks, duffles, storage drawers, etc. several times a day!  So however you think what you pack in will best work with your camper while they are at camp - this is the best way to go!
For most campers, this is a trunk.  Choose a sturdy footlocker of adequate size (recommended dimensions:  30' L x 18' W x 14' H), light enough to transport, but solid enough to handle cabin wear and tear.  Over the years, this trunk will become a treasure chest - decorated with camp stickers, autographs and TAW memorabilia.
Other luggage suggestions include a duffle bag for linens and towels, a laundry bag and a school size backpack/daypack or tote bag. 
Recommendation:  Before the inside cover is plastered with pictures, securely attach a list of trunk contents there.  This reference will be a great help to your camper and her counselors at camp's close to repack. 


 We recommend using Camp College and More or Everything Summer Camps for your trunk needs. Visit their website for all sorts of trunk options:


Label, Label, Label

In order to avoid as much lost and found as we feasibly can, please make sure you label all your camper items!  
It can be as simple as using a sharpie (don't forget to pack one!) or you can order labels through your Camp In Touch account.  Log into your Camp In Touch account (Camp In Touch Account) and look under "Camper Clothing Labels".  
Our partner in crime, Camp Colleges and More also offers a great labeling package!  Check their labels out as well:  Camp Colleges and More Labels 
We cannot be responsible for damage to and/or loss of property!


Lost and Found

The path to Ton-A-Wandah's lost and found depository is a well-worn route.  Most campers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the treasure trove at least once during their camp stay.  Campers check the lost and found daily as part of camper clean up in an effort to reunite owners and items and to ensure they don’t get docked points!
Valuables found after camp closing will be returned when requested and charged to the camper's account upon parent's request (if we have them!). Two weeks after our summer session closes, all unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.


Laundry Service

Laundry service is offered once per week;  clothes are sent out one day and returned on the following day.  Laundry service is included with your camp tuition.


Helpful Packing Hints

Travel Light - Pack all camper's clothes, shoes and toiletries in a trunk.  Place all linens, blankets, and towels in a laundry bag.  Load all books, stationary, cameras, and other personal items in a backpack or tote bag.
Packing Rolls - 1 pair of shorts, 1 shirt, underwear and socks.  Lay shirt down first, then shorts, underwear and finally socks.  Roll all articles together into a tight roll.  Make as many rolls needed using the same pattern and place in camper's trunk.  You may place each roll in a ziplock bag as well.  Your camper simply rolls out her wardrobe each day!
Socks Du Jour - 1 pair of socks and a safety pin.  At bedtime, the socks of the day are pinned together with a safety pin before being tossed into the laundry bag.  Socks will be returned from the laundry in pairs!
Stains Au Gratin - 1 stain stick or similar product.  Pack a handy stain removal stick for your camper and reminder her to apply it to all stains before clothes go into the laundry.

Camper Cargo

And you don't want to forget to visit our camp store, Camper Cargo.  You are not required to purchase anything from our camp store, but here are a few recommendations of must haves if you choose to purchase anything:
  • Basic Opening Day Package:  This package includes one pair of our "Sunday Shorts" and our "Sunday Tee".  Our shorts are green and our shirts are white, displaying our camp colors.  These colors are worn on Sundays, honor assembly, candelight, pictures, and videos.  You may also upgrade to our Deluxe Opening Day Package and receive two pairs of shorts and two shirts and a crazy creek.
  • Team Package:  Every camper shows her team spirit by wearing her team colors.  If you are a new camper, you may order a team package in advance.  Choose nation unknown when ordering.  We will ensure your camper has her team colors waiting in her cabin after nation initiation!
You may visit Camper Cargo to make your purchases online.  This website is constantly updated with new inventory.


Have fun packing! 

Trouble finding “what to bring”? We can help. Just contact us!




In accordance with the American Camping Association standards concerning Operational Management, we must inform you about our policies concerning personal property: Personal sports equipment, including archery equipment and bats (does not include tennis racquets and horseback riding gear) will be gathered, inspected and stored in the Program Office for the protection of the program participant. Any personal items brough to the camp property are the sole responsibility of the program participant. In the event that a personal item (including but not limited to; electronics, sports equipment, clothing, etc) becomes lost or damaged, camp staff will do everything possible to recover the item but will not be held accountable for such items. Personal weapons, knives, and firearms or alcohol, drugs and tobacco ore not permitted on camp property. Animals, other than those belonging to camp or used in camp programs are not permitted on camp property.