Part of the joy of camp is leaving behind the technology of modern life - phones, televisions, laptops, mp3 players, etc.  For this reason, and especially because calls to or from home can be disruptive to a camper's acclimation to camp, the use of telephones, traditional or cellular, is not allowed.  Camper cell phones will be collected, safely stored and returned to the camper on closing days.  Even our counselors share the joy of unplugging from technology and plug into the campers and the beauty of camp, as they are required to stash away their technology as well!
 However, you have several options of keeping up with your camper!

 Campers on Bunks Happy

Camp-In-Touch (Ton-A-Wandah Online)

We are excited for you to use Camp Ton-a-Wandah's photo and email system to immerse yourself in the camp experience and stay connected to your camper this summer.

You can do it the "old fashioned" way by logging into your Camp In Touch or by using your Campanion App!
All custodial parents have an account (it is created upon the camper's enrollment).  Your user name is your email address; if you do not know your password, it can be emailed to you.  You may email here to reset your password if needed:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  You must log into your account in order to view pictures and send e-mails.
Camp is unable to set up accounts for relatives or friends and they must get permission and passwords from camp families to access the photos and password protected sections of the websites.
You may log into your account here:  Camp In Touch.


Camp-In-Touch is a means for sending an email to your camper.  A nominal charge for this service helps offset technology and printing fees.  One CampStamp = one email and CampStamps are available for purchase any time with a credit card.


The credit card associated with Emails and CampStamps is not the same as what it is on file with Camp Ton-A-Wandah. 


You will need to enter a new credit card under the Credit Cards for CampStamps & Photos.  To email your camper, simply click on ‘Email’ under the Online Community section of your Camp In Touch and type your message. If you have the Campanion App, you will click on letters and type your message.  The Campanion App still requires you to use CampStamps for your method of payment.  If you do not have any, it will redirect you to Camp In Touch on your phone to purchase.  All emails are limited to 50 lines.  Emails are printed daily.  


Your camper will not have access to email you back.  They can snail mail you letters though! =)


CampInTouch and your Campanion App are your ONLY means for sending emails to your camper.  Emails sent through the CampInTouch path only will be delivered to campers.  Please do not send camper emails to Camp Administration; these messages will not be delivered.


You may also set up a guest account through your Camp In Touch account for grandparents, family and friends to email your camper.  This is located under your Online Community as well.  It is called GUEST ACCOUNTS.


All emails received before noon will be distributed with that day's regular mid-afternoon mail call.  Messages received after noon will be distributed the following day. 

Happy SistersCamper Group PhotoHappy Campers Group Foam
The Photos section is where you can view the most current photos from camp. You can mark your favorite pictures, purchase hi-res images and prints, and email photos directly to your friends and family.  We do our best to ensure every camper has at least one picture during the day, but please understand that we have up to 185 campers here at any time during our sessions and a picture of every camper is not always achievable.  Please note that pictures are typically posted once a day, and usually at night.


Facial Recognition
Every day at camp we post hundreds of photos.  The Campanion App recognizes your camper and sets up an album with just your camper's pictures.  The Campanion App walks you through what pictures to take of your camper directly from your phone. Make sure you take the photos the app requests of you prior to your camper’s arrival to camp! You can still scroll through all the pictures (just in case it missed one!) - but it's a great way to get a quick glance of your loved one and notifications if a picture is recognized! 


Purchasing Photos
Photos may be purchased directly from your log in account at any time.  If you have the Campanion App - you may download your pictures at any time directly to your phone!
Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda:  The Art of Camp Correspondence
Letter writing to and from camp is much more involved than this golden-oldie title suggests:  its serious business.  Each day, mail from family and friends offers your camper an all-important touch from home - a tangible reminder that she is loved.  In return, your camper's letters will give you a glimpse into her new world.  Mail is distributed once a day during rest hour.  With camp in season around all of Hendersonville, please note that mail is slower than usual.  What typically takes 3 days to get somewhere, may take up to 6 to 10 days.  So when you receive that homesick letter – remember – that is six days later and she is more than likely perfectly fine!  Also keep in mind that letters you receive from camp are written during quiet times in the day – periods of rest when thoughts easily turn to home.  It’s probable that the melancholy your daughter expressed in a letter quickly vanished when she tackled “The Blob” an hour later!  If you continue to receive sad or negative letters, please call us!  Your camper’s counselors and Camp Administration is sure to be aware of any worrisome situation and can help ease your mind.  Your child’s happiness is our top priority!


Here are a few things to keep in mind as you put pen to paper:
  • Send a letter (or two, depending on distance and likely delivery time) before your daughter leaves home.  Doing so ensures that she has mail on those all-important first day of camp.  This is especially helpful for the first-time campers making the adjustment to life away from home.
  • Work with younger campers on basic correspondence skills before camp begins.  Make sure they are comfortable addressing letters and handling postage.  Make it easy for your camper to be a good correspondent by providing plenty of letter writing supplies.  Pre-stamped postcards make writing quick and convenient.  Pre-addressing cards and/or printing return address and recipient labels on your home computer also help ensure that your camper covers all her correspondence obligations.
  • A letter from home should be newsy, positive and encouraging.  Share news of home without making her feel excluded.  Instill her with confidence for her camp experience and encourage growing independence.  Focus on your camper's experience and activities.  Fill your letters with questions about her days and praise of her accomplishments.  Ask her about new friends and skills, her counselors and her tribe.  Avoid mentioning sad, bad news until you can discuss those issues face-to-face.  Let your camper know that it is natural for her to miss her family and friends, while reassuring her that she will quickly adapt to her new surroundings.  Assure her of your love and that she is missed.  However, refrain from going overboard here.  "Can't live without you" messages can trigger a bad case of "Mommy or Daddy-itis", even for seasoned campers.
  • Write often.  Encourage family and friends to write too.  Your camper may choose to send a card with her camp address before her departure for camp.  Those direct requests for letters usually pay big dividends in mail call!
  • Keep in mind that letters you receive from camp are written during quiet times in the day - periods of rest when thoughts easily turn to home.  It's more than likely that any melancholy your camper expressed in a letter quickly vanished when she tackled "the blob" an hour later! 
  • It takes as many as five days for many campers to adjust to their new environment.  If, after this period of time, you receive sad or negative letters, please call us.  Your child's counselors and administrative team are sure to be aware of any worrisome situation and can help ease your mind.  Your child's happiness is our top priority!
Letters should be mailed to: 
Camp Ton-A-Wandah
Attn:  Camper Name, Cabin (will find this out on opening day)
300 West Ton-A-Wandah Road
Hendersonville, NC  28739
Ton-A-Wandah is Package-Free (and We Love It!)
Campers may not receive any type of packages while they are at camp. All large envelopes, padded envelopes, and regular envelopes containing “anything” (other than your letter) are considered packages; these will be returned to the sender.  Please inform family and friends as all care packages will be returned to sender!
However, if there is a necessary item left at home, you may mail the package addressed to:
Kim Haynes
ATTN: (Your Camper’s FULL Name)
300 West Ton-A-Wandah Road
Hendersonville, NC 28739
Please make sure that your camper’s name is clearly marked.
NECESSARY EXAMPLES:  Toothbrush, eyeglasses, books for school, retainers, pillow, activity needs, etc.
UNNECESSARY EXAMPLES:  Magazines, costumes, stickers, notepads, etc.
Most forgotten items can be done without and we are happy to provide your camper with any forgotten necessities while at camp.  Most of your camp needs may be purchased through Camper Cargo by calling (828) 693-7782 or emailing Camper Cargo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Visitation, Parent Communication, Camper Communication

Visitation: Visitation is considered opening day of the camp session.  At this time, parents are encouraged to meet and chat with staff briefly. 


Parent Communication: We will contact parents by phone if any of the following occurs while your child is at camp:
  • your child needs to be seen at the doctor or Emergency room
  • spends the night in the infirmary
  • is seen at the infirmary multiple times for the same problem
  • is experiencing extreme homesickness, or any other unforeseen issues that require parent input. 


Camper Communication: We discourage communication with campers while our camp session is running. Our staff will work with parents to rectify any situation that may arise and make a judgement call as to what is in the best interest of the camper together.


Blue Sheets: You may call us ANYTIME if you have concerns or just want to check on your camper.  We have counselors complete blue forms daily on every camper so we always know how they are doing in their cabins and activities.  We are happy to share this information with you anytime!


A camp experience provides an opportunity for campers to gain independence, self-reliance and self confidence, which are all essential to a young girl's development.  Our experience has shown that visitation by parents and relatives during camp creates an interruption of the camp program and we appreciate support of this policy by parents. 

Important Contact Information

Camp Office:  (828) 692-4251
Camp Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Infirmary:  (828) 393-6979
Camp Office Hours: The camp office hours during the session are from 9am – 6:00pm (with a break for lunch from 1:00-2:00), Monday - Saturday.  However, we do have someone on phone duty most nights until 11:00pm.  Sunday's hours are 1:00 - 5:00pm.
After Hours Emergency if the main number or the infirmary cannot be reached:  (828) 435-0038  (this is Kim's cell phone number)