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Living Accommodations
Equestrian staff live above our dining hall where they have access to a lounge, small kitchen, and Wifi. Two staff are in a room with bathrooms down the hallway. It is always fun to wake up to fresh food in the morning. 


Our program includes 10 schooling horses that have gone through the ropes in their younger years. They are experienced and excited to be at camp where they can help teach campers to ride. Staff teach English style riding to our campers and are assigned to 2 horses where they are in charge of their daily care. Staff also teach horsemanship classes where campers can learn about equestrian care. 


Staff Teaching camper to rideHow do you fit into camp?
Staff do not have campers assigned to them but act as cabin,  "Aunties." This lets them connect with campers and join their cabin for various evening programs. 


Equestrian staff are eligible for a bonus of $500 if they work all 3 sessions and fulfill their contract. Equestrian staff contracts include housing and meals. Staff are given off-time where they can explore Western North Carolina including the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), which is about 30 minutes away.