GertiAs a TAW staff member, not only will you experience the summer of a lifetime, but you’ll receive some practical experience that is translatable across all professional fields, as well.



Ton-A-Wandah's pay is competitive in the industry. Weekly salary is dependent upon the position, years of experience, certification, and other factors that you bring to camp. These factors create a staff members weekly base line salary. Staff members are paid their total salary at the end of the summer; however, staff may request a pay advance during their time at camp.


Room and Board


Youth Development Counselors live in a cozy cabin with the wonderful and excited campers each session. Each counselor is provided with a single bed, a dresser, and linens (sheets, pillow, comforter, and bath towels) for international staff. Each cabin houses up to 12 campers and is equipped with its own bathroom. Staff and camper showers are located in separate facilities.


Other staff members, including program staff and support staff, do not live in cabins with campers.


Costs for room and board are not deducted from final pay.


Holly Photo 2Professional Development & Certifications


Camp Ton-A-Wandah provides extensive professional development to all summer staff. This development begins right when you contact Camp Ton-A-Wandah! Ranging from childhood development to giving/receiving critical feedback to how to make the perfect s’more, your experience at Camp TAW sets you up for any path in life you decide to pursue!


All staff members are required to attend Professional Development training at the end of May (please see “Will I be prepared?” section for more information on skills cultivated during onsite training). During this intense two-week period, you’ll not only learn the procedures and routine of camp, but the value of developing soft-skills (independence, communication, emotional intelligence) for yourself and your campers!


Depending on which activities you are leading, certification can be obtained during the training process. Most certifications required by Camp TAW are fully or partially subsidized by us!


Alumni Network & Lasting Connections


Having been in operation for more than 85 years, Camp TAW houses an extensive network of former campers and staff members to help our current team make lasting connections. By contacting professionals and parents spanning multiple industries, Camp is able to connect current staff members with professionals in their desired industry.