Fully Present Policy 
Camp Ton-A-Wandah’s Fully Present Policy regulates staff members using smartphones, Apple watches, laptops, tablets, and other personal electronic devices during their time at camp. All residential staffs’ personal devices are checked into the camp office, Rhododendron, at the start of employment. Staff will be able to check out devices during designated off times.
This policy promotes the idea that our staff will be fully present at camp and encourage positive and engaged interactions with all members of camp. Staff will experience freedom to be present, learn, play, and grow during their time at Ton-A-Wandah.


Online Social Networking Policy 
In general, Camp Ton-A-Wandah views social networking platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), personal web sites, and web blogs positively and respects the right of staff members to use them as a medium for self-expression and communication. We view all hired staff as representatives of TAW and in turn what is posted can inadvertently reflect back on Camp Ton-A-Wandah and its values. Because of this, Camp Ton-A-Wandah requires that staff members observe the following guidelines when referring to the camp (its programs or activities, campers, and /or other employees) an any/all online platforms.


Time Off Policy
Each day is divided into 6 activity periods. One of those periods will be assigned to each counselor as their “off period” where they will be free to relax in the counselor room and take advantage of the phone and internet access. Each session a counselor will have: 6 “nights off” where they are free 5pm-11:45pm, an ‘overnight’ on one of the Saturdays where thery are off from 5pm and return at 10:00am on Sunday, and an additional 24 hour “session break” that immediately precedes the 2nd and 3rd camp sessions.
Cabin Counselors will also have one assigned free period each day that is built into the activity schedule. This time can be used to catch a nap, take a hike, read or plan for an activity or program. The nightly camp curfew is midnight meaning that all counselors and staff are expected to be settled down for the night at this time. Please note that all staff are expected to participate in nightly activities and programs when not scheduled for time-off.


Ton-A-Wandah's pay is competetive in the industry, that depends on job position, years of experience, and other factors.  These factors create a staff members weekly base line salary.  At the end of the staff memebers employment they will recieve their total salary of the weeks they have worked.  Staff may request a pay advance up to the amount they have earned during their time at camp.   


Professional Development

We believe that staff should always have the opportunity to grow and achieve their professional goals.  During Staff Training, we breakdown all the workings of camps.  We provide workshops lead by our amazing Program Staff and Administrators along with guest speakers who are experts in their field.  We address how to progress as a proffesional, decision making skills, communication, and to utilize your skills to standout in your field. 

Room & Board 

Housing is provided for your entire term of employment.  All meals Staff are more than welcome to stay on camp property during their overnights and nights off and to also eat their meals here as well.