Fully Present Policy 
Camp Ton-A-Wandah’s Fully Present Policy regulates staff members using smartphones, Apple watches, laptops, tablets, and other personal electronic devices during their time at camp. All residential staffs’ personal devices are checked into the camp office, Rhododendron, at the start of employment. Staff will be able to check out devices during designated off times.
This policy promotes the idea that our staff will be fully present at camp and encourage positive and engaged interactions with all members of camp. Staff will experience freedom to be present, learn, play, and grow during their time at Ton-A-Wandah.
Time Off Policy
Each day is divided into 6 activity periods. One of those periods will be assigned to each counselor as their “off period” where they will be free to relax in the counselor room and take advantage of the phone and internet access. Each session a counselor will have: 6 “nights off” where they are free 5pm-11:45pm, an ‘overnight’ on one of the Saturdays where thery are off from 5pm and return at 10:00am on Sunday, and an additional 24 hour “session break” that immediately precedes the 2nd and 3rd camp sessions.
Cabin Counselors will also have one assigned free period each day that is built into the activity schedule. This time can be used to catch a nap, take a hike, read or plan for an activity or program. The nightly camp curfew is midnight meaning that all counselors and staff are expected to be settled down for the night at this time. Please note that all staff are expected to participate in nightly activities and programs when not scheduled for time-off.


Base salary (full time summer) $230.00/week
Base Salary (part time summer) $215.00/week

B.A./B.S. Degree $5.00/week
Masters Degree $10.00/week

2nd Year TAW Counselor $5.00/week
3rd Year TAW Counselor $10.00/week
4th Year TAW Counselor $15.00/week
5th Year TAW Counselor $20.00/week
Area Head Counselor $30.00/week
Activity Head $10.00/week

Over 21 (certified camp driver) $10.00/week
*Lifeguard Certification $10.00/week
*Water Safety Certification (WSI) $10.00/week
*ACA Canoe/Kayak Instructor $10.00/week
*NRA or NAA Instructor
*(Riflery or Archery) $10.00/week
*Wilderness First Aid Certified (WFA) $10.00/week
*Wilderness First Responder $10.00/week
* Note: if camp pays for the certifiaction the bonus is not applied that first year


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