We offer a wide range of land sports for all playing levels. Campers who have never played before will have the opportunity to grow and develop in the sport of their choice. If campers play at home have the opportunity of keeping up their skills by taking their sport here at camp.

Volleyball and Basketball

Two popular sports here at Ton-A-Wandah are our court sports. Volleyball and basketball are offered multiple times a day.  Campers play in our gymnasium where we also host our Tribe Volleyball and Basketball. Campers can take these classes in order to practice to play for their tribe the second week in camp.


Tennis is a long tradition here at TAW. Campers can take classes with experienced players who will help push them and their skills in the sport. Campers are welcome to bring their own rackets to play with or use the camp’s equipment.


These sporting activities are held on our large soccer field on Camp Ton-A-Wandah property. Our instructors are avid players back home and are ready to share their love of the sport with each camper. All equipment is provided here at and every age is welcomed. Campers taking soccer can practice and train to play in the big soccer competition on Tribe Morning Lacrosse/Softball
which is the final day of camp.

Range Sports

Archery and Riflery are two staple activities that campers enjoy year after year. Our instructors for both range sports are certified in their specialties. They create lessons that our focused on teaching the technique and skills required for each sport while also instructing and creating a safe environment for the campers to practice in.