Program Coordinator

 The Program Coordinator is one of camp’s central organizers. They design, execute, and reflect on special camp programs, rainy day programs, and evening programs. Highly creative, this individual will have a prominent role in our training weeks (WOW Week) and will energize Camp with her engaging emcee skills and themes. 



Waterfront Director

 Our Waterfront Director is responsible for the daily operations for all waterfront activities (swimming, canoeing, and kayaking) at Camp TAW. In addition to training our Lifeguards, she schedules cabin swim schedules and leads all swim lessons. This staff member ensures the safety of our campers and staff on the Lake.   


staffer talking to camper in a life preserver

Adventure Director

Our adventure Director leads our Rock Climbing, Backpacking, and Ropes Course programs at Ton-A-Wandah. She has experience and a love for camping and is expected to attend out-of-camp backpacking trips! She will be WFA certified and able to think quickly and creatively. 


Trips Coordinators

Trips Coordinators assist with the transportation and fun of Camp! These two coordinators will work together to carry out prescheduled adventures from Whitewater Rafting to ziplining to hikes at The Carl Sandburg House. These women are typically at least 21 years of age, learn to be comfortable driving 15-passanger vans, and are eager for the next excitement ahead. 


Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Coordinator

Our CIT Coordinators lead up to twelve, 16 year old girls in a 3-week leadership program. These two women are typically 21 years of age and love camping in the outdoors. They instruct daily leadership seminars, assist with activities, and plan programs and service projects for their campers! 

Arts & Crafts Coordinatorstaff and campers doing crafts

 Our Arts & Crafts Coordinator heads the art classes at Camp TAW! From basic crafts to glass work to pottery, this coordinator will need to have suitable knowledge of the craft supplies and tools and is comfortable lesson planning for an arts program at any skill level. In addition to these program duties, this woman is the Head Counselor for Hillside, Lakeside, or Hilltop! From helping our campers and counselors grow to organizing check-in and check-out, these women will become mentors to many young ladies and learn how to effectively multi-task. 


Activities Coordinator 

Our Activities Coordinator schedule campers and counselors in their daily activity schedule, provides lesson planning and instruction feedback to staff, and operates the logistics for equipment needs for the activities areas of camp. This leader will need to be organized and eager to instruct how to teach a lesson. They will have a large role in our Training Weeks before camp (WOW Week) and should be comfortable with public speaking. 


Riding Director

Our Riding Director is responsible for the daily operations and the management of our barn activities and staff. This includes but is not limited to horseback riding and horsemanship classes. They will train our equestrian staff before camp starts to kick off a great season. The Riding Director will oversee scheduling horses, staff and programmatic development and execution throughout the day and keep the fun alive! They should be comfortable with not only teaching a high level of English horseback riding but riding as well. She is typically 21 years of age or older. 


Area Head Staff 

These women, one for Hillside, Lakeside, or Hilltop, help our campers and counselors grow and see success in both their cabins and activities. They help with the camper check-in and check-out proces, fill-in activities when needed, and become mentors to many young ladies.