The Tradition of Teams

Teams and the fellowship they foster within Camp Ton-A-Wandah represent one of our most cherished traditions. On the second night of camp, girls are welcomed into one of our three teams, bringing together campers of all ages and nurturing a profound sense of sisterhood and pride within and among these teams. Throughout the session, spirited games are played and points are tallied, culminating in the crowning of the ultimate team victor at the session's end. We firmly believe that through this amicable competition, campers not only establish personal goals but also imbibe the virtues of coaching, supporting, and cheering on their teammates, all while exemplifying the highest standards of sportsmanship. These lively competitions forge a shared bond, fortifying team unity without compromise. 

Our Teams are Named after Camp’s Women of Character

Strong women have been at the forefront of Camp Ton-A-Wandah's legacy for ninety years. From Donnie Haynes to numerous other leaders, their influence has shaped the essence and traditions of our camp. Inspired by Donnie Hayne's founding philosophy and recognizing the pivotal role of teams in developing character education, we have chosen to name our teams after these remarkable Women of Character who have guided Ton-A-Wandah throughout its history.


Donnie embodies the character education foundation at TAW, serving as our camp's roots. Each team contributes to our growth with unique values and colors, shaping every Camp TAW Woman. The Donnies (staff and leadership), represent Character in green. The Weezies, symbolize Community in blue. The Goofus and Doodles, embody Courage in red. Lastly, the Miss Judys, embracing Creativity in purple.   





The Donnies

(Previously known as the Navamochees)

Grace Ballenger Haynes, affectionately known as "Donnie," established Camp Ton-A-Wandah for Girls in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina in 1933. In a time when male dominance prevailed, Donnie displayed immense courage in adhering to her principles and launching her own venture. Graduating from Converse College in 1900, Donnie recognized the profound influence of fostering a culture of inclusivity and teamwork among women. Converse served as a catalyst for Donnie's creative journey, shaping her into the visionary leader and Woman of Character who laid the foundation for Camp Ton-A-Wandah.




The WeeziesUntitled design

(Previously known as the Cherokees)

Eloise Newell Clark, fondly known as Weezie, joined TAW at 23 and retired at an impressive 93, marKing a unique milestone in camp history. Revered by all, she is remembered as the serene Lakeside Head Counselor whose tranquility infused every aspect of camp life. Weezie reigned over the Canoe Dock, orchestrating camp music and Sunday services alongside her sister, Miss Nancy. Beside her cherished Maple Cabin, she pioneered the wood-burning program, a beloved camp tradition that left an indelible mark. Throughout her tenure, Weezie championed community and a sense of belonging at TAW, embodying the essence of a confident Woman of Character.






The Goofus & DoodlesUntitled design copy 2

(Previously known as the Mohawks)

Thelma Chambers, affectionately called Doodle, and Elmina Wages, Known as Goofus, served as directors alongside Donnie and her son Baxter for over 25 years. Both accomplished teachers, they were deeply committed to TAW and the character growth of every child. As strong, dynamic, and wise leaders, they exuded a fervent dedication to fostering a community that celebrated the talents of all campers and staff. Indeed, their legacy endures through their unwavering commitment to this beloved place.






The Miss JudysUntitled design copy

(Previously known as the Navajos)

Miss Judy, also known as Captain Billy's better half, joined TAW in 1988, continuing the Haynes family legacy as the fourth generation to lead the camp. Her affection for "her girls" was evident throughout her tenure as camp director, where she showed compassion and care for each individual. Known for her creative approach, she played a pivotal role in guiding TAW into a new era while fostering the sisterhood that molds Women of Character. With 37 years of unwavering loyalty to TAW, she remains a legendary figure, forever cherished as the Hersey Bar Star.




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