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 CIT Application (Now Open!)


Wait List

It is always exciting for TAW to have a full session!  We do offer a waiting list for those campers that may not have signed up in time for camp.  If the session of your choice is full, we encourage you to still complete an application by registering here.  We will hold your camper's application until a spot becomes available.  Your credit card will not be charged until you are notified when we have a slot for your camper and can then make the decision if you are still linterested in Camp TAW for your summer plans.

Financial Information


A deposit of $750 (for two and three week sessions) or a deposit of $400 (starter session) is due with your camper’s registration.  Any credit card transaction will have an additional 3% added to it as a processing fee (this does not include debit cards or echecks).

Payment Plans

At Ton-A-Wandah, we offer several payment plans for your convenience.  
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Pay in Full
We provide various methods of payments as well.  
  • Check (no additional fee)
  • Echeck (no additional fee)
  • Credit Card (3% credit card fee added)
  • Debit Card (no additional fee)
You may also choose if you want to us to automatically charge your payment method on file each month/quarter/year or you may receive an invoice so that you can choose each month/quarter/year how you would like to pay.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

There will be no reduction of tuition fees or refund of tuition fees or registration fees for late arrivals or early withdrawals, including homesickness. Only in cases of early withdrawal due to serious illness (other than COVID-19) will a refund be considered. Camp reserves the right in its sole discretion to dismiss any camper who violates the Code of Conduct or whose presence is detrimental to the best interests of the camp and other campers. In such cases there will be no reduction of tuition fees or refund of tuition fees or registration fees.
If cancellation is made:
      • On or before February 1st, $375 of the $750 deposit will be refunded upon written notification to the camp office.
      • After this February 1st, the entire deposit will be forfeited.
      • Cancellation on or after May 1st will result in a forfeit of the entire tuition. 

Wondering Which Session is Right for Your Camper?


One Week Sessions (for first year campers only)

New to TAW!!!  For first time campers, Camp Ton-A-Wandah is now offering a one week session as a beginning option to our traditional two and three week camp program.
We understand that some of you may be new to the world of summer camps and need a way to "dip your toes before you swim." This one-week session was created for just that reason. This shortened session allows your camper the chance to completely integrate into camp life and experience the spirit of Ton-a-Wandah in a shorter period of time!
Limited to first-time campers ranging in age from 5-10 (Rising K - 5th) this one week session capacity is only 20 campers per session. During this week, depending on her rising grade, your camper will be given a schedule of our most popular and traditional camp activities: archery, canoeing, riflery, horseback riding, arts and crafts, land sports, rock climbing, and swimming or she will get to choose her own activities with the rest of her cabin mates. She will also enjoy the same evening programs as the campers in our longer sessions and be initiated into a team in preparation of her longer stays at camp!  She will see camp in action for just the right amount of time for her first year.  (and if you want her to potentially stay the 2nd and/or 3rd week - we can make that happen! 


Two Week Sessions (for first year campers or campers returning from Starter Session)

For first time campers or those returning from Starter session, Camp Ton-A-Wandah offers a two week session as a shorter option to our traditional three week camp program. During those two weeks, your daughter will be able to explore and get a taste of all that TAW has to offer! In addition to experiencing everyday camp life and activities that she is able to choose, your daughter will be initiated into a team and participate in our unique Evening Programs and out of camp trips. Camp Ton-A-Wandah offers our two-week campers the opportunity to stay for a third week. We have seen through the years, many of our two-week campers request to stay the third week. We are happy to work with families on an individual basis to offer the third week during camp if that is an option for your family.


Three Week Sessions (our traditional camp program)

Camp Ton-A-Wandah's traditional program is based on a three week model. When you enroll for three weeks, your camper will get the complete programmatic experience of Camp Ton-A-Wandah. Our program allows your daughter to select her own personal activity schedule, where she can experience new activities along with activities that she already loves and enjoys. During her three weeks, she will be able to challenge herself as she achieves new goals and ranks in her classes that she can build upon year after year. Unlike what you will experience in a two week session, that final week is centered on unity and the bringing together of all of camp through experiences such as Fire Games Day, Honor Assembly, and Candlelight. Your daughter can be involved in all team competitions and ceremonies either playing for her team or cheering on her fellow Ton-A-Wandah sisters. Through these Ton-A-Wandah traditions, camp comes together to reflect, celebrate, and take to heart the special times at TAW, hoping to “Return Once More." 


Counselors In Training (CITs)

The purpose of the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program is to give rising high school junior and senior young women an introduction to basic leadership dynamics, life-learning skills training, and the tools necessary to assess their own desires in becoming a camp counselor. Our CIT program is organized into several components: leadership skills workshops, supervised cabin counselor assistance, activity lesson plan development and instruction assistance, planning an evening program, an outdoor education experience and the selection, approval and completion of a group service project.

Many CIT’s are lifelong TAW campers who are familiar with the camp’s core values, traditions, and daily routine. For others, it may be their first experience coming to Camp Ton-A-Wandah. No matter which way you come, the Counselor in Training Program offers a fantastic opportunity for those interested in developing their skills as leaders and role models. What better way to do that than at camp with other open-minded individuals!
CIT Application
The counselor in training leadership program is designed to help campers transition into staff. This program will take you through the ropes of cabin counselor life while teaching life skills during daily discussion-based lessons. The program is geared towards rising juniors in high school who want an in depth learning experience about all things camp counselor.  CIT applicants should be ready to take on more responsibility, practice leadership, and love camp. This is a competitive program and prospective CITs need to submit an application to be considered. In addition, campers’ past history will be taken into consideration as CITs are expected to model proper behavior and maintain a positive influence for the camp community.
Leadership Curriculum
CITs learn both hard and soft skills during leadership programming.  Lessons include how to give and receive feedback, how to set achievable goals, conflict resolution, behavior management, Camp Ton-A-Wandah’s application process, and how to interview for future jobs in a professional manner. CITs will also get an overview of how Administration, Kitchen, Maintenance, and the Barn  run so that they may have a well rounded understanding of how camp operates. Lessons are led by the CIT coordinators or the CITs themselves with input from coordinators. CITs will have assigned leadership roles in the cabin so that they can put into practice problem solving and other lessons.  
Observation with Cabins
CITs will be paired with a younger sister cabin to observe the counselor/camper dynamic in action. They have the opportunity to ask questions to counselors in the moment with the ability to have guided hands-on experience as an assistant when ready.
Service Project For Camp TAW
CITs will spend around 15 hours during their 3 week session on a small service project specifically for the Camp community. This project is something that will fulfill a need for camp and is not simply a beautification project. 

Are you ready to enroll your Camper?

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