Starting weekly salaries are competitive with industry standards. Salaries can increase based experience, certifications, and duration of employment. Check out our table below for details! 


Staff Position

Base Pay/Session

Junior Counselor


Support Staff 


Partial Summer Youth Development Counselor


Full Summer Youth Development Counselor


Leadership Team (CIT Coordinators, Area Head Staff, Trips Coordinators, etc)


Program Directors (Adventure Director, Waterfront Director, Programs Manager, etc.)



Get extra by applying early-see below our new bonuses! 


Bonus Type


Good to Know!

Early Signing Bonus


Eligible for full-summer domestic staff rreturning international staff (work all our 3 week sessions) who fulfill their work agreement, and who apply before DECEMBER 25.


Eligible for domestic summer staff  or returning international who do not work a full-summer, fulfill their work agreement, and apply before DECEMBER 25.

Full Summer Committment and Support Staff Merit Bonus


Eligible for Youth Development Counselors,Equestrian Staff, and Support Staff who work all 3 sessions, fulfill their job responsibilities, and fulfill their original work agreement.

Recruiting Bonus

$175/full summer  or $50/session individual recruited

Only eligible if recruited employee completes a full summer work agreement.

Merit Bonus Up to $1000 Members of our leadership team are eligable to receive up to $1000 pending job position and performance during their full summer work agreement. 
Starter Week Rate $325

Youth Development Counselors who work starter week will earn $325 for that week.