Starting weekly salaries are competitive with industry standards. Salaries can increase based experience, certifications, and duration of employment. Check out our table below for details! 


Staff Position

Base Pay/Week

Junior Counselor


Support Staff 


Partial Summer Youth Development Counselor


Full Summer Youth Development Counselor


Program Coordinators


Program Directors



Get extra by applying early-see below our new bonuses! 


Bonus Type


Good to Know!

Early Signing Bonus


Eligible for returning full-summer staff (work all 3 sessions) who fulfill their work agreement, and who apply before DECEMBER 25.


Eligible for returning summer staff who do not work a full-summer, fulfill their work agreement, and apply before DECEMBER 25.

Full Summer Committment


Eligible for Youth Development Counselors,Equestrian Staff, and Support Staff who work all 3 sessions, fulfill their job responsibilities, and fulfill their original work agreement.

Recruiting Bonus

$175 per individual recruited

Only eligible if recruited employee completes a full summer work agreement.

Merit Bonus Up to $1000 Members of our leadership team are eligable to receive up to $1000 pending job position and performance during their full summer work agreement. 
Starter Week Rate $325

Youth Development Counselors who work starter week will earn $325 for that week. 


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