Professional Youth Development Training 

Lifeguard staffWe take pride in the quality staff members that we hire. Training for every new and returning staff member is vital for creating the bonds of sisterhood and building a strong camp foundation and inclusive camp culture. While we are always seeking out staff members who are willing to be trained or have previous experience in outdoor education, equine lesson planning, aquatic instruction, and other special skill set, we are willing to train and provide basic instruction and certification in order to fulfill an activity need.


Lifeguard & Specalized Activity Training

All our hired lifeguards attend Camp TAW's Lifeguarding Certification course and additional training on TAW's waterfront. We believe it is important that our Waterfront Team be trained, assessed, and become comfortable with operating and monitoring our lake, Lake Falls. The starting date for lifeguard training could be earlier than the standard start date for general staff training.


Other activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, challenge course instruction, riflery, archery, and pottery have their own training and certification process that we provide at TAW. Safety and fun are our top priorities at TAW, and by providing these trainings, we create an environment of growth and development for our campers.




Training Expectations

All full-summer hired staff members are required to attend our Youth Professional Development week during the last week of May. These weeks are filled with workshops on childhood development, conflict management, risk management, activity training, policies and procedures, and hands-on training, thus equipping our team to asses and handle any situation that may occur at camp.


By working hard and playing harder together, we learn to trust and become a “team”, allowing our campers to have the best camp experience!  By this time, we hope you have discovered what goals and values matter to you! It is our hope, that by the end of training, everyone feels as if they are a veteran Ton-A-Wandah staff member and prepared for success!