Camp Ton-A-Wandah continues to create Women of Substance even after their camper and staff time at TAW comes to a halt (as it never comes to an end)!  TAW is creating an opportunity for our alumnae to reach out to each other on a professional level.  Let's keep the connections going! 
Check out all the ways that we can continue our TAW relationships:
  • Want to find a college that other TAW girls have attended or need help with the application process?  Reach out to a TAW girl that has been there!  
  • Rushing a sorority?  Find a TAW girl that has already joined that same sorority!
  • Need help with your first job in your major after college?  Bet there is a TAW girl that can help you out in the field of your choice!
  • Looking for philanthropic work (as TAW is known for their dedication to serving others!) or want help with a service project that you are committed to?  Many TAW girls are willing to step it up to help their communities in so many ways!

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