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People always say they love camp because they feel like they can truly be themselves here. During life, it can feel like we have many layers and identities that we put on. We try to mould ourselves into what we feel like we should be. Sometimes it’s the identity of athlete, student, musician, etc.; It’s exhausting! However, as soon as we step through the gates at Camp Ton-A-Wandah, we leave all those identities behind us. We enter just the way we are; our quirky, silly, strong, and perfect selves. Here at TAW, we cherish each one of our unique young women. We are blessed with seeing how our campers shine and become their true selves. It is amazing to witness how these young women encourage and cherish the unique beauty of each of their TAW sisters. They find in their sisters, strength, kindness, and understanding - they are the ones to show on each other how to be their best selves, not camp. These women are the ones who leave the impact of change here at TAW.
But why does this have to happen just at camp? What would it look like if we took the courage and strength that we find here at TAW to walk pass those identities we left at the gate? Ladies, there is only one perfect you. Take the strength you find from your TAW sisters and show the world how wonderful you are. You are the change that will radiate through the rest of the world.

“So She was changed, so She changed the world”


Never be afraid to show your true colors

Ton-A-Wandah Girl’s Recipe for Luck
People are always looking for luck. Some look for it at the end of the rainbow, while others search for it in things such as pennies. The Ton-A-Wandah Girl’s recipe is made of ingredients more precious than gold and silver. Our recipe comes down to four simple items that spell out LUCK.
L is for love, U is for unity, C is for character, and K is for kindness. We add these four ingredients together, not just at camp, but in our daily lives. We have a love and respect for the beauty of nature around us and for our fellow TAW sisters. All of us are different, but at Ton-A-Wandah we create a sense of unity as a community who supports each other through the ups and downs of life. We value a strong character built on values and the strength to fulfill new dreams. Finally, we believe that everyone, including ourselves,  deserves to be treated with kindness. With this recipe, Ton-A-Wandah Girls spread a little luck everywhere they go.


Have a happy and Lucky St. Patrick's Day!!



Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats
This recipe takes a spin on your one of your favorite sweet treats. 
• 4 tablespoons butter
• 1 10.5 oz plus 2 cups mini marshmallows
• 5 cups Lucky Charms
• Rainbow Sprinkles
1. Butter a 9x13 pan
2. Take large non-stick saucepan and melt butter on low heat.
3. Add 1 package of marshmallows and stir keeping on low heat until they are melted into the butter. Then add in the last 2 cups and let them melt partially.
4. Add in the Lucky Charms cereal and stir until the cereal is fully coated.
5. Pour mixture into prepared pan and spread out around evenly with large spatula sprayed with non-stick spray or you can use butter.
6. Press mixture down into pan evenly. (Don't over press, they become too compacted and hard).
Optional: Add sprinkles immediately and press into treats.
7. Put pan in freezer and let sit for an hour.
8. Take out, cut it into squares and enjoy your “Magically Delicious” treats!

Lucky Charms Blog 1


The Value of Sisterhood
     Valentine’s Day, or as we like to call it Galentine’s Day, is finally here! Yes, all the hearts, flowers, and chocolates are fun, but it is the relationships that we have created through the years that make this day so special. The relationships we have created here are much deeper than the average friendship. Here at Ton-A-Wandah, we develop a sisterhood with one another. This bond we form with each other crosses oceans, goes beyond interests, and posseses a depth of understanding of one another that goes beyond just the surface. Our own, Kelsey Craythorne, shared with us what friendships far and wide mean to her.
     “Our creed says it perfectly: ‘I believe in friendships and the joy of service to others’ - and the women I spend my summers with at Ton-A-Wandah instill this belief in me every day, even when we’re not together. From confiding in Ellis across the world during a stressful time, to late night phone calls with Jordyn sharing excitement about next summer, these women are my family. If there is ever a time I need an extra dose of self-love, I know Savanna will be there to remind me of my beauty. There is no comfort like the one in knowing that your TAW sisters will be there for you through it all, and that’s what these friendships give me every day - and I am so grateful for them!”
     Take the time this week to pause and think of the women who have changed your life and tell them what they mean to you! Happy Galentine’s Day Everyone!



TAW Crafty Corner
Need a last minute Valentine’s card? Have no fear, TAW is here!
Things you need:
     ~Colored sheet of paper
     ~Cupcake Liners
     ~Glue Stick
*Extra supplies for Rose Card
     ~Pom Poms



Umbrella Card
Step1: Take your cupcake liner and fold it in half. Then take the glue stick and glue one of the insides of the liner so that when pressed you have half a circle seen. Then glue the halved liner on the middle of the page.

Umbrella step1
Step 2: Take a marker and draw a handle to your umbrella. Outline your message above the umbrella in pencil then follow it over with a marker.

Umbrella step 2
Step 3: Draw your raining hearts and blossoming flowers.

Umbrella complete


Rose Card
Step 1: Take your cupcake liner and fold it in half. Take second cupcake liner and fold it in half twice so that you now have a quarter of the liner seen. Glue the second liner to the middle of the first cupcake liner.

Roses step1

Step 2: Glue just the base of the liner to the piece of paper. Draw your green stem. Glue pom pom to the middle base of your flowers.
Step 3: Take tulle and make a bow. Glue the center of the bow to the bottom of the page where the stems meet. Write your message.

Roses done
Finally, give it to a special someone!!!!


We would love to see your creations! Send us a picture of your creations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMG 0312


For the month of December, we have been focusing on the gifts we all receive from camp. So often we get to hear from staff and campers how much they love camp and everything camp has given them. We asked our staff from last summer what was a gift they received or gave at camp that was special to them. Here are some of the answers they shared.

Find out how to make the delicious saltine toffee recipe found in this month’s Wonder!

toffee 7


Everyone loves baking during the holidays and homemade treats make great gifts for teachers, friends, and family! This saltine toffee recipe is delicious and so fun and easy to make! The TAW test kitchen tried it out; you’ll find our step by step pictures below with instructions!