Are Outside Trips Available?

The Ton A Wandah trips program provides an excellent opportunity for campers to broaden their camp experience.  Typical trips will include backpacking in Pisgah National Forest, whitewater rafting the Nantahala, Pigeon, or Chatooga Rivers, day trip hikes in the wilderness areas, rock climbing, rappelling, and visits to the Biltmore Estate and the Carl Sandburg Home. There is an additional charge for some out of camp trips (Out of Camp Trips). Should a camper reserve a space and withdraw or miss the trip for any reason other than illness, the extra fee will be forfeited.

Do you offer an equestrian program?

Ton-A-Wandah’s riding program is second to none, built upon a tradition of equestrian excellence. Our stables are a place where beginners can learn the basics and experienced riders can seek out new challenges. The camp’s solid reputation in this field has been earned through three quarters-century’s commitment to hiring gifted instructors and maintaining an exceptional group of horses.
The program is based on the principles of Hunt Seat Equitation with constant emphasis on safety and respect for the animal. Campers are instructed in the care and handling of horses, how to mount and hold the reins, and how to achieve a good seat and sure hands. Once the rider has control of herself and her mount, she learns to post a trot and canter on the right lead. 
Instruction in jumping is available to qualified riders who have written parental consent. Our graceful jumpers love to clear the rails, and no rider ever forgets the thrill of sharing those leaps. Riding for Juniors is structured with their special needs in mind. Their classes are scheduled in harmony with the more advanced groups, and their horses are the most docile in the stable. This separate attention allows the younger girls to gain confidence and control without distraction. Each girl progresses at her own pace, and there is no pressure to advance beyond basic equestrian skills.
Horseback riding is offered to all campers every other day as part of the traditional camp program and the fee is included in the regular camp fee. There is a special daily riding program six days a week for an additional $400 per session. Parents must pre-register the camper through the horseback riding form.   We will not be responsible for campers enrolled in the daily riding program who do not ride six days a week due to out-of-camp trips, weather conditions, etc.  Enrollment in Daily Riding is limited to 12 campers per session. Please call the camp office if you have questions about our riding program.

How do laundry services work?

Laundry service are included in the camp tuition.  Laundry will be sent out once a week by cabin groups.  Be certain that all of your daughter’s belongings – clothing and equipment – are clearly marked with her name.  THE CAMP ASSUMES ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOST ITEMS. 

How do I register and how much is camp tuition?

Registering for camp is very easy.  You can see our various sessions and rates as well as register online, here.

Can my daughter be picked up at the airport?

Airline connections can be made to Asheville-Hendersonville (AVL) or to Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) on opening and closing days. We cannot accommodate travel from other airports. In making your daughter’s plane reservations, allow the flight arrival time to be between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Please schedule departures between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. If you have any questions about this, please consult the camp office.

Do you have visitation days?

Visitation day is considered opening day of the camp session. At that time, parents are encouraged to meet staff and enjoy the facility. A camp experience provides an opportunity for campers to gain independence, self reliance and self confidence, which are all essential to a young girl’s development. Our experience has shown that visitation by parents and relatives during camp creates interruption of the camp program, and we appreciate support of this policy by parents.

Cabin Arrangements

Campers are assigned to cabins according to the camper’s rising grade.  We recognize that there may be reasons for exception to this policy such as maturity beyond, or not up to, a camper’s chronological age.  Where such is the case, parents should inform us at the time of enrollment so that a proper cabin assignment can be made.  Actual cabin arrangements are made as deemed necessary by the camp.  We cannot guarantee placement in any particular cabin.
Campers frequently want to be in the same cabin with a friend.  Requests must be made on the application by May 1st and cannot be guaranteed.

Camper Cargo

Camper Cargo is the camp supply store which offers campers clothing, surprise packages, camp gear and other specialty items. Campers may buy through Camper Cargo with the parent’s permission. Gift cards and or Expense Accounts may be purchased/set up by calling Camper Cargo at (828) 693-7782, by visiting the store on opening day of camp or anytime by visiting the Camper Cargo area of this website.

Can I send mail to my daughter?

Absolutely!  Mail should be sent to: Camper Name, Cabin (if known), 300 West Ton-A-Wandah Road, Hendersonville, NC 28739. It is helpful to include your camper’s name and cabin on the envelope. Campers look forward to receiving letters.  However, Camp Ton-A-Wandah is a package free environment - so no care packages =)

What is your refund policy?

If cancellation is necessary before February 1st, $300 of the $600 reservation fee will be refunded upon written notification to the camp office. After this date the entire reservation fee will be forfeited. Cancellation on or after May 1st will result in a forfeit of the entire tuition paid. There will be no reduction of fees for late arrivals or early withdrawals, including early departures for homesickness. Only in case of early withdrawals due to serious illness will a refund be considered. The right is reserved to dismiss any girl whose presence, in the Director’s judgment, is detrimental to the best interest of the camp, and in such case, there will be no reduction in fee.

Does my daughter need cash?

Campers do not need additional money with them at camp. However, if campers do bring money with them, all personal money should be placed in the office safe. CAMPERS SHOULD HAVE NO CASH IN THEIR POSSESSION. THE CAMP ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR MONEY NOT DEPOSITED IN THE OFFICE.