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Dear Wandah, how should I respond to my camper when she writes about being homesick?


Homesickness is a natural response! Encourage your camper to enjoy her time at camp and that it is okay to be sad, but to know that her family is excited about her experience at camp. It also helps to prepare your camper before they come to camp. Chat with them about homesickness and some ways to cope with it. A favorite trick is purchasing a stuffed animal together so they can squeeze it when they feel sad. Another tip is to send a couple of letters a few days before camp starts so that they can receive mail on their first day.


Dear Wandah, what are the top items you should pack and what can you live without at camp?


Packing up for 2-3 weeks can be a challenging task. Be sure to follow our camp packing guide to help you through this process. Extra towels, undies, and socks are great if you have the room. Instead of having your camper live without something, see if you can pair things down. For example, if they are an avid reader, have them bring an extra book but put back the 2nd stuffed animal.




Dear Wandah, do we really need to purchase a shower wrap?


Yes, and here is why. When campers get ready for showers, they undress in their cabin, throw on their shower wraps, and then walk over to the shower house. A shower wrap is helpful in keeping the campers covered during their short walk, especially since they are also carrying their shower caddies. Having to hold up a towel that is loosely wrapped around them and carry a shower caddy can be a recipe for disaster!  Don’t forget water shoes as well!  Just as important =)



Dear Wandah, I really would like my daughter to ride but she is nervous about horses. How can I help her with this?


What an awesome question! Horses are large creatures weighing over 1,200 pounds sometimes and can be ominous to campers. Our riding program is geared towards campers who have and have not ridden before. We like to take it slow and start with a safety chat before the campers get near our horses. We also take it slow when mounting the horses and walk the campers through the process. If your camper is nervous about HBR send us a note and we can make sure we walk her through the process slowly and help her become comfortable around them.



Dear Wandah, what bunk decorations should we pack so my camper can decorate?


Battery powered lights are all the rage! Sadly, extension cords go against our fire code so batteries it is. Campers like to turn their “fairy” lights on during flashlight time or when it starts to get dark outside for a nice glow around their bunk. We have also seen campers decorate bunks with flower vines to give it extra pizazz. Pictures and small mementos of home also provide a sense of security.  And that comforter - it’s always fun to pick out a comforter before camp that lasts all her camp years!