Ton-A-Wandah’s ties to nature and deep respect for the Native Americans who originally inhabited these mountains are the inspiration behind the alliance of the Three Tribes: Cherokee, Navajo and Mohawk. The Three Tribes are among Ton-A-Wandah’s oldest and most revered traditions, handed down from generation to generation.


Campers from all age groups comprise the tribes, and tribe affiliations endure throughout the girls’ camping lives. This cohesive, small group approach melts away the ten-year age difference among campers to create a strong sense of sisterhood and pride. Friendly competition throughout each session seals the common bond among tribe members but never breaks the chain of the Three Tribes.

Each Tribe elects a Chief to lead the group for the session and helps the camp staff make Ton-A-Wandah a better place to live. Around the Council Fire, ceremonies are held several times each session. The campfire blazes, the girls join in song and dance, old mountain legends are shared and the crisp night air stirs new emotions.

Plans are made for the final days of the session when each tribe, wearing its colors, takes part in the Tribe Day Celebration.


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