IMG 5740At the heart of camp life is Lake Ton-A-Wandah, ten acres of sparkling, pure mountain water. Waterfront activities are an integral part of Ton-A-Wandah’s curriculum and a high point in each camper’s day.


The first rule of all camp activities is “Think Safety,” a motto that takes on added meaning on the waterfront. No camper is allowed in the water except during regularly scheduled swim periods; all water activities are supervised by Red Cross-certified instructors. Modern teaching techniques that meet and exceed Red Cross standards ensure that even beginning swimmers master the fundamentals of water safety.


General swim on the waterfront is a daily treat for all campers and a chance to enjoy the three-lane waterslide and legendary Ton-A-Wandah Blob! This time allows swimmers a chance to perfect their strokes, delight in unstructured play and cool off after morning activities. A designated shallow area provides beginners with additional practice opportunities.


Canoeing is an ever-popular sport at Ton-A-Wandah. Our lake is large enough to be a challenge to experienced canoeists without being too intimidating to the novice. No camper pilots a canoe until she passes the swimming and canoeing tests. These skills are taught in accordance with Red Cross guidelines.