Ton-A-Wandah’s riding program is second to none, built upon a tradition of equestrian excellence. Our stables are a place where beginners can learn the basics and experienced riders can seek out new challenges. The camp’s solid reputation in this field has been earned through three quarters-century’s commitment to hiring gifted instructors and maintaining an exceptional group of horses, none other than the University of South Carolina Equestrian Team’s horses.

The program is based on the principles of Hunt Seat Equitation with constant emphasis on safety and respect for the animal. Campers are instructed in the care and handling of horses, how to mount and hold the reins, and how to achieve a good seat and sure hands. Once the rider has control of herself and her mount, she learns to post a trot and canter on the right lead. Campers have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned at the exciting Horse Show at the end of each session. Experienced judges award ribbons and prizes for achievement at every level.

Instruction in jumping is available to qualified riders who have written parental consent. Our graceful jumpers love to clear the rails, and no rider ever forgets the thrill of sharing those leaps.

Riding for Juniors is structured with their special needs in mind. Their classes are scheduled in harmony with the more advanced groups, and their horses are the most docile in the stable. This separate attention allows the younger girls to gain confidence and control without distraction.

Each girl progresses at her own pace, and there is no pressure to advance beyond basic equestrian skills.