Ton-A-Wandah offers a wide selection of land sports, including: the team sports of volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer; the target sports of archery and riflery; and individual sports and activities such as tennis and gymnastics.

In an effort to bring out the best in each student, girls practice in small groups. Instructors are chosen according to their teaching skills with beginners through advanced players. At all age and ability levels, the name of the game is good sportsmanship. Tournaments for many of the land sports are held with other camps each session and provide an opportunity for healthy competition.

Both target sports subscribe to the principles and practices of “Safety First.” Camp Ton-A-Wandah maintains membership in the Camp Archery Association and the National Rifle Association’s Junior Corp. The precise balance of strength and concentration in the archer compliments the keen eye and delicate touch of the sharpshooter. Certificates of achievement are awarded for each level of proficiency attained.