TAW News

Its hard to believe we are just a little more than a month away from the start of our first session of 2016!  If you haven't registered yet, hurry!  We still have a few beds for some age groups.

Every four years, February gets an extra day and we celebrate Leap Year.  The possibilities are endless how to make the most of this special day.  You might take the day to hike a new trail, play an extra game of soccer, take a day trip to Paris (I wish), learn a new song, anything you want.  How would I spend my extra day you ask? Easy, I would spend the entire day with my camp friends!  I am thankful each and every day for the friends I have met and continue to meet at Ton-A-Wandah.

The other day during a staff interview, a prospective staff member asked me what one of my favorite things about camp was when I first joined Ton-A-Wandah. I was not really expecting the question (more often I get, ”When should I get my CPR course done?“). My immediate answer, however, was to say that my favorite part(s) of camp were the friendships that I made.

This is certainly not unique to me. We hear time and time again from staff members and campers alike that their favorite parts of camp are the friendships that they build and develop over the years. We see it too-in the girls laughing and linking arms on their way to the dining hall, in the two girls playing make believe on the hillside playground, in the campers in a group hug at Candlelight.

There is just something about camp that builds the best friendships. It does not matter if you see them all the time during the year or only during your three weeks of camp; your camp friends are some of your best friends and will be there for you for the rest of your life.

Friendships are just one of the amazing things about Ton-A-Wandah. You may have a friend you just met at camp last year or one that you have kept over decades. The neat thing is I bet you remember that first time you met her when you bonded over how much you didn’t want to jump in the lake or how excited you were for grits that morning at breakfast or whatever memory unique to camp!

So cheers to the wonderful lifelong friendships you make at Ton-A-Wandah. And if you have not recently, take some time to send one of your camp friends a cheerful hello and schedule a good catch-up session over the phone or lunch!