Will campers and staff be required to wear face masks? Will my camper be provided with a face mask?

For most of their daily life at camp, campers will not be required to have their face covered. Camp will be providing each camper and staff with two neck gaiters or buffs. They will be asked to wear this at all times in some fashion, whether it be as a headband, bracelet, or bandana. These gaiters will not only serve as a mask when needed, but they will also serve as a way to represent their neighborhood as each neighborhood will have its own special color gaiter!


In their typical daily life, campers will only be required to wear their gaiter as a face covering in the following situations:

IF: - They need to travel outside of their neighborhood, i.e. a trip to the infirmary and/or - Social distancing cannot be maintained Staff will be required to wear a gaiter as a face covering

IF: - They are a specialized activity instructor in an activity outside of their household where social distancing cannot be maintained - If they need to travel outside of their neighborhood, i.e. a trip to the infirmary


What is a household? Neighborhood? How do they work?

Household: A household is just another name for your cabin group! Cabin groups are made up of two counselors and no more than eight campers (with the exception of Laurel). They will do everything together, from activities to meals, and even camp competitions!


Neighborhood: Each household in camp will be split into one of three or four neighborhoods. Each neighborhood will consist of approximately 40 campers of a similar age group and 10 counselors. Households within these neighborhoods will be able to interact with one another while maintaining a safe social distance. Neighborhood groups will be doing EPs together, dining together, and more!


What will my camper’s cabin look like?

Your camper’s cabin will, more than ever, be their camp family! Cabin groups will be made up of two counselors and no more than eight campers (with the exception of Laurel) and will do everything together, from activities to meals, and even camp competitions!! We hope that this new program aspect will foster even stronger camp friendships than ever before.

Will my campers still be able to make friends?

Of COURSE your camper will still be able to make friends! Not only will your camper be interacting with girls in her neighborhood, but we hope that our new cabin-centric program will foster even deeper friendships and bonds than ever before at Ton-A-Wandah.


What will activities look like?

Our main focus for activities this summer more than ever is FUN! Each day your camper and her cabin group will travel together, going to two activities each morning, and two each afternoon. While your camper may not get to choose her very own schedule this summer like previous years, each cabin will have a new schedule every day which will allow campers to experience a greater variety of activities than ever before!


What will evening programs look like?

Most evenings, each neighborhood will be participating in its very own evening program. We have carefully chosen our evening programs for the summer to maximize both fun and safety. From Secret Song to Counselor Hunt, your campers are sure to have fun! For special evening programs where we feel that the fellowship and togetherness of the whole camp is most important, such as Candlelight, we hope to have all neighborhoods together in an area of camp that allows for the distance necessary, such as the soccer field.


What will meal times look like?

Meals will look a bit different this summer. We will be having staggered meal times, with bigger tables to accommodate your camper’s whole cabin. Cabins will eat with their households and their neighborhoods. We will encourage our household to grab meals to go and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. We also have some big plans up our sleeves - fun cook-outs, Wacky Wednesday Meals, and even cabin pizza delivery nights!

Will camp traditions still be upheld?

At the heart of camp is our traditions. We know that without this sense of tradition, Ton-AWandah just wouldn’t be Ton-A-Wandah. With that in mind, we plan to keep the spirit of almost all traditions at camp, even if some of them will look a bit different! Your camper will still be singing camp songs, going to Candlelight, receiving camper gifts, and more. And while our neighborhoods make Nation events and competitions unfeasible, we do plan to hold competitions within your neighborhood! From swim meet to relays to Pony Express, your camper will be able to participate in many of her favorite events!


Will there be out-of-camp trips?

While there won’t be any out-of-camp trips this summer, we plan to make the very best of camp’s 365 acres of beautiful mountain land! Your campers have waited all year to get to camp, why leave now??


Will there be international staff at camp this summer? What will my campers' counselors be like?

While we are sad that we could not have our international counselors at camp this year, we are SO excited to say that we have the very best counselors for the job! Our counselors are ready to tackle the summer and are up for the challenge of having a whole new kind of camp experience! We expect to once again win the International Summer Camp Ranking Organization’s coveted Number One Staff Award!!!

Will camp still be fun?



It’s very clear that camp will look different this year, but as it is with every year - YES camp will be fun!! As Hannah Montana once said, “life’s what you make it, so let’s make it ROCK!”