Why are we opening this summer?

After careful review of the guidelines presented to us by the CDC, American Camping Association, and our local health department, TAW is confident that we can provide a fun-filled summer for our campers.  An immeasurable amount of time and effort has gone into altering our program to make this happen!  We want to continue to create Women of Substance, facing our challenges head on with an amazing group of young ladies by our side.  We feel that giving our campers the opportunity to experience camp far outweighs the sacrifices we are making to ensure camp happens!


Could camp still be cancelled?

This pandemic presents new challenges daily.  TAW continues to monitor and assess the trends of COVID-19, especially in North Carolina.  Our operations are controlled by guidelines presented to us by the CDC and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.  If at any time, they recommend that we discontinue camp operations or we feel that we cannot meet the standards required of us, Camp Ton-A-Wandah will close their facilities.


If TAW should be cancelled and if you are still enrolled with us, you will be entitled to a full refund or you may carry forward your credit balance to 2021.

How should my camper arrive to camp?

Due to the current guidance from North Carolina, we will not be allowing families to fly to camp this summer.  We will require families to drive to camp to drop off.  In addition, we ask that families have the ability to pick up their campers within 24 hours notice and drive them home if the need arises.


What will opening day look like?

Opening day arrival will definitely be different at Camp Ton-A-Wandah this summer!  Specific arrival times for campers will be scheduled according to your camper’s rising grade.  It will be important that our families follow these times to ensure a smooth opening day!  Only one adult will be allowed to accompany their camper(s) during the check in process.  Parents and campers will remain in their car until temperatures are checked, oxygen levels conducted (non-invasive and simply placed on the finger of a camper!), and lack of symptoms confirmed.  Our Infirmary Team will meet with one parent and their camper to discuss medical needs, accept medications, ask additional health screening questions and review pre-camp temperature logs.  Like every year, lice checks will be performed.  


Once the health check is complete, our trunk boys will unload your car at the health check in site.  Campers and parents will say their goodbyes.  Counselors will take all their campers together to their cabin and help them set up their bunks.  This will serve as great bonding time and a small camp tour right off the bat!  PLEASE NOTE:  If siblings are arriving together, you may choose which time works best for your campers based on their grade.  Just send Kim Haynes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an email to let her know when you will arrive.

How will camp be limiting its interaction with outside forces?

Camp will remain its own city this summer (to go along with our household and neighborhood theme!).  Non-essential visitors will not be allowed on Camp property at any time during the summer.  All essential visitors will be required to wear a face covering while on camp property (UPS, FedEx, Food Delivery, etc)  Due to our inability to provide social distancing while in a vehicle as well as our lack of our control of limiting interactions with the community while on an out of camp trip, TAW has cancelled all out of camp trips for campers this summer.  Staff will attend a two-week training before camp starts in which they will be quarantined .  In addition, staff will remain on camp property during their time off unless camp organized trips are offered to remote, wilderness locations or areas not heavily populated by the local community.  


Will there be new paperwork to complete?

Every year campers are required to fill out the normal health information for camp. This includes a health history, a physical exam, immunizations, a parent authorization and a copy of your insurance card.  In addition to this health information, we will also require a pre-screening form that needs to be completed prior to your camper’s arrival to camp.  You will bring this with you to review with the nurse’s when you arrive at camp.  Parents will also need to sign an additional release form for COVID-19.  New for this year (but not COVID related) is a “Camper Conduct Agreement” and a “Letter To Cabin Counselors” that provides us with more information on your camper so our counselors can adjust to your camper’s needs and personality!

Who do I need to contact to ask additional questions before and/or during camp?

Feel free to call our office to talk with any of our TAW employees.  We are always here to answer any questions you may have!  It is our goal to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the procedures we have put into place to ensure your camper is safe and healthy!


    • Main TAW Line:  (828) 692-4251
    • Kim Haynes, Director:  (828) 393-6972 or (828) 435-0058
    • Maggie Lewicki, Associate Director:  (828) 393-6970 or (828) 329-5497
    • Infirmary:  (828) 393-6979