We are excited to welcome our campers to camp this summer! This welcome comes with extra enthusiasm after what we’ve all experienced in the past few months. Camp Ton-A-Wandah has weathered a handful of particularly difficult seasons during her 86 years, and we hope that this summer will be one that we remember for rising in the face of challenges.


An immeasurable amount of time and effort has gone into altering our program to make this possible. We are excited to open our gates to campers who, perhaps more than ever, will benefit from that which Ton-A-Wandah provides. After weighing many options, we still feel that giving campers the opportunity to experience camp outweighs the sacrifices we will have to make to the typical camp program.


We are confident that we can provide a valuable experience of connection and comfort to campers during this time of isolation and uncertainty.


We still have limited openings for this summer, so don't hesitate to reach out if your daughter still wants to come to camp!


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